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Parco Naturale Regionale Campo dei Fiori

Within the park, the numerous short and long-distance trails with more or less pronounced gradients are a point of reference for sports and outdoor enthusiasts.

Located a few kilometers north of the city of Varese, the Campo dei Fiori Regional Natural Park was established in 1984 and expanded in 2009. It covers about 6,300 hectares in the territory of 17 municipalities and 2 Mountain Communities of the Province, remaining entirely within its borders.

Brinzio, a town whose territory is completely within the protected area, is home to the headquarters of the Park Management Authority, which is easily visited through the 21 main paths, properly marked.

To act as a magnet for tourists and enthusiasts, are the two mountain massifs of Campo dei Fiori and Martica-Chiusarella, the six reserves and the eight natural monuments enclosed in the area. In the Park there is a great variety of environments, from lean meadows to chestnut forests, from open areas to wetlands and beech woods.

Within the Park, the many short and long-distance paths with more or less pronounced elevation gain, represent a reference point for sports and outdoor enthusiasts.


The Park has many nature reserves, each with its own characteristics, its own flora and fauna. The geographical extent of the Park means that there is an important diversification and great wealth of natural heritage.  

  • Monte Campo dei Fiori Reserve: populated by wild boars and martens, home to deer and roe deer, it is densely rich in beech, larch and chestnut trees. The reserve is crossed by the path 1/301, which allows you to reach the viewpoint of Forte di Orino.
  • Reserve of Martica - Chiusarella: characterized by outcrops of red porphyry and white limestone, the Reserve hosts forests of Ash, Linden and Maple. The recommended path to follow is the number 14/314, which passes by the Valganna Caves and is rich in viewpoints, such as that of Pian Valdes and Chiusarella.
  • Lake Ganna Reserve: surrounded by mountains that give it a striking image, the lake is an observation point of many animal and plant species, which find in the reserve their natural habitat. Points of interest of the nature trail of Lake Ganna are the Ganna Abbey, the via Francisca del Lucomagno and the picnic area of San Gemolo, perfect for a break on the route.
  • Lake Brinzio Reserve: visible also from the main road, the lake is easily accessible via a short dirt road, to be covered on foot. From the reserve passes the path 10/310 C and 20/320. Nearby is the Pesegh Waterfall and the charming village of Brinzio.
  • Pau Majur peat bog: the area is characterized by pools of water in which they croak various species of amphibians and small wet meadows of Molinion, spotted during a walk on trail 18/318.
  • Carecc peat bog: here there are some protected floristic species such as Aquilegia atrata and Gentiana asclepiadea. From the peat bog the path 10/310 passes.





Of great importance is also the rich cultural, historical and artistic heritage of the territory. There are many places of interest to visit that make the experience in the Park full of historical and artistic ideas. The renowned village of Santa Maria del Monte, where the homonymous Sanctuary, home to the fifteenth chapel of the Sacro Monte of Varese, is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, is often of landscape value.

  • Brinzio and Rasa
  • Castello Cabiaglio
  • Santa Maria del Monte
  • Velate



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