Coldiretti Varese

Coldiretti, currently chaired by Ettore Prandini, is an organization strongly rooted in the country, made up of 18 regional federations, 98 provincial federations, 765 area offices and 9,812 peripheral sections.

The presence on the territory is accompanied by the consolidated representativeness that makes Coldiretti the main Agricultural Organization at national level and among the first at European level.

Among the members of Coldiretti there are over 568,000 agricultural enterprises, which represent 52% of those registered with the Chambers of Commerce.

To provide assistance to agritourism businesses, Coldiretti created Terranostra, the Coldiretti agritourism association which has obtained recognition from the Ministry of the Environment as an environmental association. The Coldiretti agritourism association is increasingly committed not only to promoting holidays on a farm, but also to the many aspects of the city-countryside relationship.

Coldiretti is a social force that represents agricultural businesses and values ​​agriculture as an economic, human and environmental resource.

Its goal is to guarantee agricultural enterprises development opportunities within a framework of full integration of agriculture with the country's economic and social interests.

Its strategy is to choose the system of consultation, the fulcrum of every modern economic democracy, in all the centers of economic-political confrontation: with the government, with local authorities, with community institutions.

Its agenda is divided into two projects: Green enterprise, aimed at the competitive growth of agricultural enterprises, Campagna Amica, to build a dialogue between producers and consumers in the time of globalization.

Its strength is hundreds of thousands of agricultural companies that believe in all this.

With the Green Enterprise Project, Coldiretti proposes a modern vision of agriculture within the agri-food chain. With this project, it aims to build a business system that is at the same time competitive on the market, capable of enhancing the quality, typicality and authenticity of the products and of supporting and protecting the environment. The new generations of agricultural entrepreneurs play a fundamental role in the Green Company project, open to technological innovation and a new culture of food and the environment.

Impresa Verde is Coldiretti's project for a new agricultural policy focused on business, its growth and development in 21st century Italy.

Campagna Amica is the Coldiretti project for agriculture committed to developing an open and intense dialogue with the consumer citizen.

The project aims to:

  • encourage local development, enhancing the territorial resources available to protect the environment, take care of the landscape and improve the quality of life in the countryside.
  • open companies to consumers and bring the city closer to the countryside, also through initiatives that involve schools, training institutes, the world of culture;
  • protect the quality of products, encouraging all initiatives that guarantee the consumer and facilitate his freedom of food choice (transparency of labeling, guarantees on the origin of food, supervision of advertising of agri-food products);
  • promote typical products and made in Italy food, as an economic resource, but also as a fundamental expression of identity.

Campagna Amica is also a new Coldiretti initiative in the field of communication that uses all the multimedia tools, from publishing to video, to promote a widespread and deeper knowledge of the agricultural world: of its products, its flavors, its colors. .

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