Wonderful itineraries around the beauties of our territory recognized as a world heritage site.

SACRO MONTE DI VARESE: it is a historical-artistic excellence of the Varese area; in July 2003 it was recognized by Unesco as a World Heritage Site as the "cultural landscape of the Sacred Mountains of Piedmont and Lombardy". Always a destination for visits and pilgrimages, the Sacro Monte di Varese complex includes the Via Sacra, a cobbled devotional path of about 2 km consisting of 14 chapels, all different from each other and perfectly integrated into the surrounding natural environment, each dedicated to a Mystery of the Rosary . The culminating point of the Via Sacra is represented by the Sanctuary of Santa Maria del Monte which houses, on the High Altar, the XV Mystery of the Rosary: the Coronation of the Madonna and the Romanesque Crypt, which can be visited with a guided tour, and an inhabited village, which fascinates the visitor through the characteristic shady alleys and steep stairways, underpasses illuminated by lanterns and numerous Art Nouveau villas.

ISOLINO VIRGINIA: it is the oldest pile-dwelling settlement in the Alpine Arc and since 2011 it has been part of the "Prehistoric pile-dwelling sites of the Alpine arc" of the UNESCO World Heritage. On the small islet there is the LIPU Oasis, a transit place for many poultry species, which attracts many visitors and offers various possibilities of use and knowledge. To reach the island you have to navigate with small boats that land at different points of the lake embarking and disembarking curious tourists and occasional travelers, all with a destination, Lake Varese and its natural and artistic places.

ARCHAEOLOGICAL PARK OF CASTELSEPRIO: Castrum Sibrium, located between a plateau and the valley of the Olona River, was a military stronghold since Roman times. An authentic jewel of Lombard-Byzantine art, the building, now deconsecrated, conceals perhaps the oldest pictorial expression of our territory. In the archaeological area only in the 1950s did research and excavations begin which brought to light the remains of the castle and the towers, part of the basilica of S. Giovanni Evangelista with adjacent cistern and bell-tower, a small baptistery with two baptismal fonts, one church dedicated to S. Paolo and the remains of a late medieval convent. The Benedictine Monastery of Santa Maria Assunta was founded in 737 by Mani-gunda and is one of the first monastic settlements in the territory of present-day Lombardy, linked to the nearby presence of the Castrum di Castelseprio and the Monastery of Torba.

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