Art and cultural tours

The province of Varese has a highly respected artistic and cultural heritage, both in terms of the quantity of evidence and distribution throughout its territory. We take you to discover the area and its beauties thanks to ad hoc organized tours and guided tours.

ROCCA BORROMEO DI ANGERA: from the spur of limestone rocks, it dominates the southern part of the Verbano area. The fortified medieval building contains evidence of ancient times that are remembered throughout the Room of Justice, with its exceptional cycle of 12th century frescoes, the Historical Room and the Castellana Tower, from which you can enjoy an extraordinary panorama. Inside the fortress you can visit the Doll and Toy Museum, today the most important in Europe, the Medieval Garden and the Scaligera Wing which hosts temporary exhibitions and events.

HERMITAGE OF SANTA CATERINA DEL SASSO: clinging to the overhanging rock, in one of the deepest points of the Verbano, is a monastic structure composed of the fusion of three chapels. Art and history are perfectly integrated in one of the most evocative natural scenarios, constituting a balcony that extends to the Borromean gulf, Stresa and the Borromean islands.

PALAZZO AND EXTENSIVE GARDENS: among the public buildings of the city we find that of the Palazzo Estense, now the Town Hall. It was the summer-autumn residence and court of Francesco III d'Este, Duke of Modena and Lord of Varese. It was built on designs by the architect Bianchi in the second half of the 18th century. The "Estense Hall" with a large fireplace in polychrome marble is valuable. Behind the Palace extend the Estensi Gardens, one of the most enchanting Italian-style public parks, built in imitation of the gardens of Schônbrunn (Vienna) and completed in 1787.

VARESE HISTORICAL CENTER: it is characteristic for its old arcades along which the commercial life of the city has developed since ancient times. Walking, raising your gaze from time to time, reveals the architectural traces of the old agglomeration around which all the life of the town revolved. The structure of the houses included the shop on the ground floor, under the porch to shelter from the rain, the house on the upper floor and gardens and small vegetable gardens for family use on the other side. The small square of the Podestà with the monument to Garibaldino, the Palazzo del Pretorio and Palazzo Biumi ("Broletto"), the Basilica of San Vittore with the Bell Tower are of considerable scenographic impact. At the end of the pedestrian street is the Cloister of Sant'Antonino built starting from 1599. A little further on, a series of small bars that come alive from mid-week until late at night for the "nightlife" of Varese.

CASTIGLIONE OLONA AND THE COLLEGIATA COMPLEX: it has very ancient origins: it was a Roman castrum, then a village disputed by the Visconti and Torriani who fought for a long time to dominate this territory located along the banks of the Olona river. Entering the village you will feel like you are walking in a distant era: do not miss the Church of Villa or of the SS. Body of Christ, Palazzo Branda Castiglioni, the photogenic ruins of the door that led to the ancient castle and the Collegiate complex consisting mainly of the church and the baptistery.

VISCONTI DI SAN VITO CASTLE: built in the century. XIII, it was inhabited by the Visconti family since 1251. Compared to the original architecture over the centuries, a part of the west facade has been modified, together with the interiors, renovated according to the Baroque style, with frescoed and richly furnished rooms. Today in the rooms of the castle it is possible to admire various collections including a rich and bizarre collection of shaving plates, a rich ornithological collection with 360 stuffed birds, a collection of weapons and armor of the '500 of Spanish origin and an interesting collection of finds of the Golasecca civilization.


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