Lake water sports: our top 4!

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Imagine to sail and slide on the blue water, carried by the wind, to paddle in the silence or to dive in the depth of Lake Maggiore: welcome to the land of lakes, the paradise of water sports lovers! With its 4 swimming lakes, the territory offers endless possibilities for those who don’t give up on doing sports, even during the hottest days of summer, or the ones who are just looking for some fresh air.

We explored the coasts and searched around the gulfs: here’s our lake water sports top 4

  1. Sailing: the ultimate lake water sport. Here Tramontana and Inverna winds, which blow on Lake Maggiore and on the italian side of Lake Lugano, are super loved from those who, in the morning or late in the day, sail away and admire local natural and architectural beauties from a perfect point of view. For begginer enthusiasts, we offer a one-day sailing trip accompanied by an experienced instructor, a unique experience along the shores of Lake Maggiore!


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  • Top Spots: the Caldè Gulf, Saint Caterina of Sasso and the Borromeo Gulf in Lake Maggiore, the italian lakeside and Melide in the Lugano Lake
  • Sailing clubs: AVAV in Luino, Sailing Center in Cerro di Laveno, Top Vela in Laveno, Circolo Velico in Ispra, Club Verbano Sail in Lisanza, Nautical Club Caldè, Union Club Maccagno, the Darsena in Tronzano (renting), Sailing Club Ceresio.

  1. Canoe and Kayak: to paddle away, along the most beautiful coasts covered in green nature or historical architectures. If you already have a kayak or if you want to rent it for some hours, we recommend you not to miss the coasts of Lake Maggiore, Lake Monate, and the small Lake Ghirla! With Pollo Surf Experience you can explore the local lakes in a Canadian canoe, through excursions and guided tours. Furthermore, don't miss the fantastic water experiences on Lake Ceresio and Lake Varese!


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  • Top Spots: all the coast of the Lake Maggiore, with the possibilitiy of crossing in different points, we recommend to cross from Ranco to Meina and Lake Monate.
  • Clubs and renting: Lake Maggiore: Cantiere Nautico Brovelli (canoa, kayak renting), Canottieri Luino (coastal rowing), DK in Ispra (kayak renting), Sestese Club (guided tours), the Darsena in Tronzano (canoa and kayak renting). Lake Ceresio: Sull'Acqua in Porto Ceresio. Lake Monate: the Larice Club in Cadrezzate, Camping Lake Monate.
  • For those who do not want to give up on land activities, we have the perfect combination for you: half a day of pedaling in the park of the Golfo della Quassa in Ispra and back by lake via sup or kayak!

  1. Kitesurf, Wakeboard, Windsurf and SUP: dedicated to those who look for adrenaline and uncommon sports: adventure lovers can enjoy and have fun on Lake Maggiore, Kitesurfing, Wakeboarding or testing their balance with Windsurf and SUP.



  • Renting and Courses: the Darsena in Tronzano on Lake Maggiore (SUP, Windsurf, Wakeboard and Water Ski) DK in Ispra (SUP), Nautic Yard Brovelli in Ranco (SUP), the Larice in Cadrezzate (SUP), the Lagocamp Camping in Maccagno (SUP).

  1. Diving: did you know that in the depth of Lake Maggiore lay interesting wrecks? And that down there you can easily meet the inhabitants of the abysses? Diving lovers and the most curious ones will love to discover the depths of the lake!


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  • Top Spots: the Lakeside of the 5 Arcate in Castelveccana, Ranco, Laveno Mombello,  and the Monte Sasso del Ferro, Ranco with different wrecks of boas, Colmegna. 

Where to stay: discover all the hotels on the Lake Maggiore

What to do: a visit in our little lake villages as Porto Valtravaglia or Maccagno 

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