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Lake Maggiore villages

The lombardian shore of lake Maggiore is a pearl that hides tiny villages and less known hamlets but also small towns: if you are passing by a particular area or you are planning to travel the entire coast, here are the most beautiful and particular lakeside villages. 

  • Sesto Calende - rises exactly in the point where river Ticino leaves Lake Maggiore to start again its journey towards the Po. The village is part of the Park of Ticino: different itineraries let curious people discover the surrounding nature, among which an interesting cycle and foot path that starts in Sesto Calende and ends in Milano. The historical center is a small group of cobblestone streets, shops, restaurants and cafes. Village’s history is showed in the Civic Museum of the municipality.

 Dog of all sizes allowed in leasch also on the beaches and the lakefront in compliance with the hygiene and public safety rules*




  • Ranco - a single road that ends with a beatiful lake view leads to the small center, an ancient holiday and fishing place. Don’t miss the lakeside promenade with an area dedicated to kids, where you can have an aperitivo at the dock or a dinner in one of the italian lake-view restaurants. 




  • Ispra - rises between two mountains: Monte del Prete and the adjacent Monte dei Nassi. Don’t miss the lakeside, the area of the old furnaces and the pretty "Love promenade": a pathway with wonderful landscapes that starts from the harbor and goes on to the north, following the lake’s coast. In the village center you can visit Villa Castelli’s garden, free access, and the garden around the old mausoleum. In the municipality is situated the Joint Research Center (JRC), one of the seven research center of the European Commission.

 Dog of all sizes allowed in leasch also on the lakefront and free beaches in compliance with the hygiene and public safety rules*




  • Reno – small fraction in the municipality of Leggiuno, Reno is a bounch of lakefront houses with the dock and a little harbor. Don’t miss this place to truly feel like a local! 

  • Porto Valtravaglia - old harbor, the village of "mezaràt", bats in the local language, is a lake village surrounded by the green of the nearby Valtravaglia mountains. Beyond the lakeside and the other beaches on the coast, the old laundry and the houses in Rome street worth a visit. There are different nice areas in Porto Valtravaglia, including Muceno and San Michele, as nice paths taking to the surrounding mountains, including Alpe San Michele and Cuvignone.

 Dog of all sizes allowed in leasch also on the beaches and the lakefront in compliance with the hygiene and public safety rules*




  • Maccagno con Pino e Veddasca -  renowned for its beaches, Maccagno is one of the village nearest to the swiss border on the Lombard shore of Lake Maggiore. It is linked to the municipalities of Pino and Veddasca that offer different possibility for escursions. Visiting the coastal part of the municipality, you will meet the marina and the Church of the Madonnina, before a succession of beaches to walking on foot. Giona Park is one more suggestive area from you can see the Cannero castels and the Piedmont side of the lake and side of “Ronco delle Monache”.




* Information by the Local Municipality. For any other question please check the guidelines from the Municipalities 


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