Giro del Sole e Giro della luna - Sentiero no. 154

Distance: 5 km • Time: 2.30 ore • Easy

The itinerary (154) starts from Via Giro del Sole, where the signs, which from the village of Agra, also signal the gymnastic path.

The uphill road leads to Belvedere Mandelli, from which you can admire the panorama with views of Agra and Lake Maggiore. Continuing we come to a stairway that leads to the Belvedere Augusto Zucoli, which offers the view of the Piedmont side of the lake. From here it goes round the Motto dei Ronchetti (702m) and then continue through the woods until you reach the crossroads for Monte Formica. leaves on the left.

Going forward you reach an intersection dove street of the birches splits: continuing straight you return to Agra, ends the Giro del Sole, while you follow a left road, which goes uphill on the East side, you reach the fork for the Bedorè (154B) and the departure for the Giro della luna. Continue along the asphalt road along the wood until you reach another vantage point where the view opens up again on Maggiore.



  • Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes 
  • Distance: 5 km
  • Difficulty: facile
  • Altitude: 167 mt.
  • Starting and arrival point: Agra
  • Parking: yes
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