4 spots where you can still fell the summer (and the right soundtrack)

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Face up the Autumn, with gloomy days and the biting cold is not easy.

They say that one of the best way to face the end of summer is to plan a new trip, even if it's a short one: so why don't you plan a fast escape, in one of those places where the summer breeze is always around. 

In this article we suggest you 4 spots in the province of Varese where summer leaves its positive vibes for a long, long time. To make the experience ever better, we asked to the team of NeverWas Radio, a web radio dedicated to social and cultural innovation, to create the perfect soundtrack to play while you're discovering these oasis.  

Play the soundtrack here. 

1. Ranco and the lakeshore: or where to admire those beautiful fall sunsets. What's better then a lake village if you want to feel the summer breeze? Here in sunny days you can still find some tourist who are still working on their tan, fishermen leaving the pier in the morning and in the evening, and the small local cafè at the pier serving apertivo. 


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In the area: Hotel Conca Azzurra

2. Val Veddasca trails: for the ones who translate "holiday feel" in "mountain trip". Val Veddasca offers countless opportunities to walk and hike in nature. We suggest you the trail that starts from Passo Forcora and goes to Monte Paglione. On top the view is amazing: from Locarno to Brissago to the beautiful Monte Rosa. 


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3. The borgo of Castello Cabiaglio: start walking through the narrow streets of the ancient hamlet. Curiosity will move yoour steps and your eyes around, among the details of the old historical buildings: info and details can be found at the entrances of the houses. 


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4. Angera and the open air museum: an outdoor museum and art gallery: the medieval hamlet of Angera, watched by the Rocca, is the right place to spend a day between art and culture. In its streets, leading down to the coast of Lake Maggiore, you will find historical houses, small cafes, and those pretty vintage signs of italian lake towns. 


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In the area: Hotel Dei Tigli

What to do: visit the Rocca Borromeo in Angera with its castle, toys museum and the beautiful medieval garden

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