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December 2022 | Gallarate

Ongoing exhibitions at the maga museum

Here all the current exhibitions that can be visited at the maga until December 2022

  • Colors always run - 08 October 2022 – 04 December 2022

The colors always run away, proposes the new set-up of the MA*GA collection, remodulated precisely following the line and the rhythm of the colour.

Two specific insights are articulated through the spaces of the museum, highlighting some fundamental episodes in the history of Italian art from the second half of the twentieth century to today. The first is reserved for the relationship between geometric abstraction and design, from the Movimento Arte Concreta to the design of the fifties and sixties, with works by Soldati, Prampolini, Munari and design objects by Campi, Magistretti and Sottsass. The second focuses on the possible declinations of the idea of ​​color as a language, from the more symbolic aspects to those of a conceptual matrix characteristic of movements such as Analytical Painting, up to the more contemporary experiments of authors such as Griffa, Blank, Isgrò and Vitone.
The title of the exhibition draws inspiration from a reflection by Ettore Sottsass, who recalled how "colors always run away from all sides, they run away in slow motion like words, which always run away, like poetry that can never be held in the hands , like beautiful stories, the colors run away from all sides, they can never be stopped”.


  • About Ezra Pound - October 12, 2022–December 04, 2022

The exhibition tells of Ezra Pound's return to Italy between 1958 and 1962, a period in which he was welcomed and cared for by various figures who revolved around his personal and artistic life. Among them were the young Anna and Martino Oberto, artists of the "hidden" Genoese avant-garde. On the occasion of the poet's arrival in Genoa, Anna and Martino Oberto had the translation edited by Enzo Sciliano of Cantos 91, 96 printed in the supplement of the first issue of the journal of abstract philosophy and language "ANA ECCETERA" directed by them.

These happy collaborations are told in the exhibition through the shots by Francesco Leoni and Aldo Durazzi that portray Pound in Genoa, Rapallo and Rome. The exhibition also presents the original editions of the first issues of "ANA ECCETERA" and two videos that frame the story of Pound: "About Ezra Pound", a short film with an analogical style by Anna and Martino Oberto directed by Gabriele Stocchi, made in 1955 and the famous and unique 1968 interview by Pierpaolo Pasolini with the poet.

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  • La forma del ritmo - 08 ottobre 2022–04 dicembre 2022

Accanto al riallestimento della collezione, il MA*GA presenta la mostra personale di Umberto Ciceri. Il progetto espositivo si concentra sulla produzione astratto – analitica dell’artista, che prende le mosse dal Manifesto Realista (1920) di Naum Gabo e approfondisce le sperimentazioni cromatiche caratterizzate dall’uso autoriale e innovativo di superfici lenticolari. 

Il percorso espositivo si completa con la sezione allestita all’interno delle sale ViaMilanoLounge all’aeroporto di Milano Malpensa T1.
Il progetto è realizzato grazie al supporto di Movie Skin.

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