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From Saturday 26th Novembre to Saturday 31st December 2022 | Varese and province


For the second cycle of guided tours "Varese, blessed is he who comes here", Archeologistics offers a journey of discovery of the most beautiful nativities in Varese's landmarks from Saturday 26th November to Saturday 31st December . The precious artistic testimonies of six symbolic places thus become twelve opportunities for a free guided tour. Find below the rich programme.

  • Saturday 26th November and Monday  26th December : the Church of Santa Maria foris portas in Castelseprio 

The first stop will be dedicated  to one of the most evocative spaces in the province of Varese: the Church of Santa Maria foris portas in Castelseprio.  This place houses a cycle of frescoes dedicated to the theme of the Nativity - from the Annunciation to the Adoration of the Magi - that the Castelseprio Master probably painted around the 10th century, representing the Good News. Set in the context of the archaeological site recognised by Unesco as a World Heritage Site, the church of Santa Maria foris portas is today a key reference point for the Middle Ages. Guided tours are scheduled on Saturday 26th November and Monday  26th December, at a double time: 10.30  and 14.00.

  • Sunday 27th November and Tuesday 27th December: the Baroffio Museum at the Sacro Monte of Varese

The journey continues on Sunday 27th November and Tuesaday 27th December with visits to the Baroffio Museum at Sacro Monte of  Varese, to discover ancient and contemporary nativities, or how art over time has represented the birth of Christ. A journey from the Romanesque to the present day, from Lanfranco da Ligurno to Renato Guttuso through the works housed in the museum and depicting the adoration of the Magi, the birth of Jesus, the flight into Egypt and the childhood of Christ. Visits are scheduled at 10.30.

  • Monday 28th November e Wednesday 28th December: the Baptistery of San Giovanni in Varese

On Monday 28th November e Wednesday 28th December, exceptionally open the doors of a veritable treasure chest: the Baptistery of San Giovanni in Varese. The large octagonal basin from the second half of the 14th century, placed in the centre of the hall, presents the episodes of the baptism of Christ; on the walls are a series of more than 30 frescoes dating from 1320, including an extraordinary nativity. Guided tours  will be at 10.30.

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  • Tuesday 29th November and Thursday 29th December: the Crypt of the Sanctuary of Santa Maria del Monte

An unicum for history and art. The Crypt of the Sanctuary of Santa Maria del Monte ouses the oldest nativity in the Sacro Monte of Varese, depicted using the words of the apocryphal gospels as a source. Graffiti left by visitors on the walls over the centuries is still visible. Guided tours in program are on Tuesday 29th November and Thursday 29th December at 10.30.

  • Wednesday 30th November and Friday 30th December: the Sanctuary of Beata Vergine dei Miracoli of Saronno

With “Bernardino and  Gaudenzio” the scene shifts to Saronno, specifically in the Sanctuary of Beata Vergine dei Miracoli. In the presbytery, the hand of Bernardino Luini painted scenes from the infancy of Christ; also extraordinary is the dome, the work of Gaudenzio Ferrari, with 126 figures including 57 musicians. The appointments will be on Wednesday 30th November and Friday 30th December at 10.30.

  • Thursday 1st December and Saturday 31st December: the Chruch of Sant’Antonio Abate in Cadegliano Viconago

The final stop of the program of these guided tours will be the Chruch of Sant’Antonio Abate in Cadegliano Viconago, a little unknown church, built in 10th century on a panoramic balcony that overlooking Ponte Tresa on the Lugano Lake. The most recent restoration work has made it possible to rediscover an astonishing cycle of frescoes by Bartolomeo da Ponte Tresa - a pupil of Bernardino Luini, including an extraordinary Adoration of the Magi. Guided tours are planned on Thursaday 1st December and Saturday 31st December at 10.30.

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