Varese, the lombardy shore of Lake Maggiore, local valleys and the main towns of the province are extremly rich in culture: in this page you can find the most important dogs allowed cultural sites, the restrictions you need to know and more!

Dog friendly cultural sites 

  • Castello Visconti di San Vito - The castle was built in the thirteenth century and lived in by the Visconti family from 1251. Dogs are welcome also inside 
  • Volandia - Volandia has a fantastic exhibition that takes visitors on a journey through the history of international aviation. Dogs allowed in every area of the museum, excluding the kids area
  • Diga del Panperduto - A gem of industrial hydroengineering, Panperduto represents an area of great interest. You can discover the site with your dog, but don't forget the leash!
  • Via Francisca del Lucomagno - the path covers important stages and monastic settlements that were fundamental for European medieval history. Which part dogs prefer? The stage that goes from Maglio di Ghirla to the Badia in Ganna. 
  • Museo Tattile - houses a collection of wooden tactile models that reproduce aspects of the landscape, architecture, art, archeology and design. Dogs are welcome if on a leash.
  • Museo della Motocicletta Frera - the museum presents the history of Frera, the italian motorcycle company. Dogs allowed on leash. 
  • Osservatorio Astronomico Schiaparelli - rises on the peaks of Campo dei Fiori and is considered an important international scientific center; dogs are allowed to enter if on a leash.
  • Giardini Estensi -  one of the public buildings in Varese that is well worth a visit is Palazzo Estense, which was the summer and autumn residence and court of Francesco III d'Este, the Duke of Modena and Lord of Varese. Behind the palace are the Estensi Gardens, one of the most charming public parks in Italy. Dogs are allowed in the park and there's a dedicated area near the Mini Golf
  • Villa Toeplitz - Villa Toeplitz stands imposingly on a hill to the east of Sant'Ambrogio, an area of Varese at the foot of Sacro Monte, and is surrounded by one of the most beautiful gardens in Italy. Dogs allowed on leash.
  • Villa Torelli Mylius - Villa Mylius is a tyical Italian Villa situated in the centre of Varese, currently you can only visit the park, where you can find a dog area. 



Small dogs allowed cultural sites 

  • Casa Museo Lodovico Pogliaghi - the home-atelier of the great eclectic artist which dates back to the early '900, built by himself, is the first point of interest you can meet after the 14th chapel. Small dogs are welcome, you can visit the museum holding them. 
  • Castello Visconti di San Vito - a castle dating back to the thirteenth century inhabited by the Visconti family since 1251. Your dogs will be excellent companions and welcome even in the internal rooms of the structure if on a leash and of medium / small size.
  • Castello di Masnago - Masnago Castle features architecture from many different periods ranging from the Middle Ages to the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Small dogs are welcome, you can visit the museum holding them. 
  • Villa Cicogna Mozzoni - architectural complex home to concerts, exhibitions, cultural events; it is possible to visit the villa with small dogs if held in your arms.
  • Castiglione Olona e Museo Civico Branda Castiglioni - The village of Castiglione Olona has ancient origins. It was a fortress in Roman times and later the village became the subject of a fierce dispute between the Visconti and Torriani families. You can go around the hamlet with your dog, remember that only small dogs are allowed at the museum Palazzo Branda Castiglioni and you need to hold them. 
  • Museo Baroffio - Dedicated to the ones interested in the history of Santa Maria del Monte, it includes and shows romanesque sculptures, precious miniatures, a collection of important paintings of Giuseppe Baroffio Dall’Aglio and a section of sacred art from the 20th century. Small dogs are welcome, you can visit the museum holding them. 
  • Museo del Tessile - a museum that collects and stores information on the local textile industry; it is possible to visit it with small dogs to hold in your arms.
  • Villa Mirabello - Villa Mirabello was built in the eighteenth century on the top of the Mirabello hills. Mirabello means beautiful view, and the villa is aptly named for its panoramic vistas over the lake and Alps. Small dogs are welcome, you can visit the museum holding them. 



Cultural sites with restrctions for dogs

  • Isole Borromee - The archipelago of Borromean Islands is situated on Lake Maggiore and includes: Isola Bella, Isola Madre and Isola dei Pescatori. Your canine friends can travel with you on ferries, and on the islands, but they are not allowed in the parks and in the Palazzo. 
  • Monastero di Torba - Set deep in the countryside north of Varese by the Castelseprio Archaeological Park, the site of Torba Abbey is home to more than a millennium of history. Dogs allowed in the park while only small dogs are allowes in the Abbey, remember that you need to hold them.
  • Sacro Monte di Varese - Sacro Monte (Sacred Mountain) is the finest example of history and art in the Varese area, UNESCO site. Dogs allowed crypt excluded. 
  • Villa della Porta Bozzolo - Built in the sixteenth century as a country residence, Villa della Porta Bozzolo later became a country seat for the aristocracy. Dogs allowed in the park, while only small dogs are allowed in the Villa, remember that you need to hold them.
  • Villa e Collezione Panza - Surrounded by splendid gardens covering 33,000 sqm, Villa Panza overlooks the city of Varese from the hill known as Biumo Superiore. More than one hundred works of art by contemporary artists are displayed in the villa’s halls. Dogs allowed on leash only in the park. 

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