Treasure hunts on Isola dei Pescatori

The term "treasure hunt" is defined as an activity, where the participants are organized in teams, have the task of recovering a series of hidden objects in order to earn the prize. In this case, the location of the "treasure hunt" will be Isola dei Pescatori.
During the boat trip to reach the island, the guides will explain the game modes. The participants, after being divided into small groups, will have to undertake, after receiving some clues from the guides, the search for hidden objects that contain small pieces of a puzzle that will be completed at the end of the game. The spirit of the game asks the competitors the speed of movement to retrieve the object and the ability to orient themselves in an unfamiliar environment. It is therefore an activity that allows you to discover new environments and landscapes, based on a model of sustainable development and sustainable use of the territory. The constant presence of the guides will ensure adequate support to the participants, stimulating cohesion and competitiveness.
After finding all the hidden objects, their content will be shared among all the participants, in order to put together the theme of the puzzle. We will then proceed to decree the winning group. After the ceremony, aperitif for everyone with drinks and snacks.

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