Culinary Team Building

What's better for forging a team than donning the chef's hat and cooking together in a professional kitchen? The dynamics of a kitchen are very close to those of a company, where everyone must give their best together with the others to create the perfect alchemy using the resources and time available. Team cooking is all this and much more!

The training needs that are usually identified to carry out a Team Cooking are the following:
• respond to daily challenges;
• collaborate for a common goal;
• coordinate a team and facilitate communication;
• boost self and group confidence;
• develop leadership skills and a sense of responsibility;
• discover and / or accept the contribution of others;
• develop the ability to cope with change.

Choosing a training path such as Team Cooking means first of all moving towards a multi-sensory path (each of the 5 senses will inevitably be involved in the various activities). And then to cook it is necessary to use resources, organization, skills and methods, just what the teams must become "experts".

Among the gastronomic activities it will be possible to choose between:

  • preparation of a delicious pizza;
  • preparation of a risotto with lake ingredients, including trout fishing;
  • preparation of tiramisu;
  • preparation of a good braised meat and serve it with a soft and steaming polenta. 


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