Flying, a real Italian tradition in the Province of Varese

Ever dreamed of soaring over spectacular alpine foothills while admiring lakes and rivers weaving their way through green parks and verdant valleys latticed between the Alps? Or experiencing the thrill of flying by the magnificent Monte Rosa massif? Well, now you can. Gliding in Varese offers all this and more thanks to the expertise and experience of one of the world’s top clubs. The Varese area has a long history of being passionate about flying and successful in all forms of aircraft design and construction. There are three airports and an airfield offering keen flyers plenty of opportunities to enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the mountains, valleys and lakes. The area also hosts some highly prestigious competitions, and is the perfect place for anyone wanting to experience the thrill of gliding and total tranquillity of drifting silently on the wind!

For those seeking a slightly more extreme yet equally safe adventure, such as paragliding and hang-gliding, the Province of Varese boasts the perfect facilities and scenery from an altitude of 600 metres. One of the most popular spots for these sports is Laveno Mombello, on the Lombardy shores of Lake Maggiore, which offers three take-off points from two different mountains and a large, safe landing area. Lessons are provided by certified instructors that teach the technical basics of these sports while taking care of your safety at all times.

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Sports Tourist Events 2021

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