From Alpe San Michele to Monte Pian della Nave

Distance: 1.2 km • Time: 1 h 30 minutes • Easy

A simple and accessible route for the whole family, perfect for a nice short trip with a panoramic views.

The route starts from Alpe San Michele, reachable by car from Brissago Valtravaglia or with about 40 minutes on foot starting from Ligurno, a district of Portovaltravaglia via the "Sentee di Sass" or the "Sentiero Gogna". Alpe San Michele is also known as the "town of nativity scenes" for the images of the Nativity that decorate the village up to the millenary church with frescos dedicated to the Archangel San Michele.

From the parking lot of the Alp San Michele head towards the small road that leads to the Pian dei Nisciurian to leave it almost immediately, proceeding towards the wooded slope. The route continues flat following the hump of the mountain and skirting the beech forest near the Pian dei Nisciuran. The climb proceeds until you can clearly see the peak with the Madonnina del Pian della Nave.

Another possible route, starting from Alpe San Michele, runs along the road between the two peaks passing through Pian dei Nisciuran, where there is a picnic area. Proceed along a pool that is often dry to reach Monte Pian della Nave.



  • Duration: 1 hour e 30 minutes
  • Distance: 1,2 km
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Altitude: 230 mt
  • Starting point: Alpe San Michele - Brissago Valtravaglia
  • Arrival point: Monte Pian della Nave
  • Parking: yes  
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