Walking around old towers and castles

Distance: 75 km • Time: una giornata • Easy

Spend a day "out of our times", visiting old castles and medieval towers, between legends and old stories, here the must seen of the province: 

  • Start from Lake Maggiore and visit the Rocca d'Angera, a medieval fortress that overlooks the south side of lake Maggiore, inside you can visit the Museum of Dolls and Toys, the greatest one in Europe. Explore the highest tower, from which the view is unique: the village of Angera and its narrow streets, the Massif of Campo dei Fiori in the background, the blue expanse of the lake up to the villages of the Piedmontese shore. 
    To not miss a glimpse of the beautiful village, discover all the available experiences, and get ready to be breathless.


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  • For a dive into the past, immerse yourself in the history of these places, dedicating a whole day to the discovery of the artisan and peasant traditions, customs and flavors of the place. Stroll through the countryside of Varese, rediscover the slow pace, the arts of crafts of the past, and the flavors of the area thanks to a tour with an expert guide.


  • Driving north, you'll pass by a lot of places that deserve a quick stop: Ispra, Gavirate, Comerio and Velate. Here visit the Torre of Velate, one of the finest medieval buildings in the Varese area. Built in the 11th century in a dominating position to protect the southern part of the burgh of Velate, it was disabled during the struggles between the cities of Milan and Como in the 12th century. It is a property of FAI. A few kilometres from here find the Castle Castiglioni di Mantegazza in Masnago, the tower is a fortress typical of the area around Varese, and was built between the 11th and 13th centuries. This position afforded a full view of the path below, and was in clear view of the Velate and Sacro Monte towers. Today it is a Modern and Contemporry Art Museum. 


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  • Driving south  there's an old hamlet that worth a visit. The village of Castiglione Olona has a very long history, here there's the Castello di Monteruzzo, it is situated on an hill that overlooks the ancient village of Castiglione Olona. Currently there's a library inside and some public areas. After a visit move to Fagnano Olona and discover his Castle, the earliest records of this castle date back to the 10th - 12th centuries, but the buildings around the courtyard and the two towers are from the 13th century.


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  • You can not end your tour among castles and towers of the province, without visiting the wonderful Castello Visconti di San Vito, large and complex building dating back to the ninth century. The two most peculiar things inside the castle? One of the largest collections of decorated shaving plates and the dog of one of the old owners who is still guarding the entrance. 


  • We did not forget to consider the outdoor lovers! Let your last activity of the day be a themed bike experience to the discovery of historical sites and ancient legends: from the morainic hills to the historic Diga del Panperduto. A guided tour on two wheels, among pine forests, ancient roads, hydraulic works and the history of the peoples of the blue river.



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What to do: a visit of Rocca Borromeo, a visit of Castello Visconti di San Vito 

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