Agriturismo Valticino

Via Lungarno, 65 • 21015, Lonate Pozzolo (VA)


Agriturismo Valticino offers flavors and typical dishes of Lombard cuisine prepared according to the tradition of home cooking.
The kitchen elaborates genuine foods made with quality ingredients from their own production or from local producers, creating a menu rich in taste and tradition.
The teaching activity focuses more on the direct experience of children for all age groups, offering practical educational activities capable of bridging the gap between urban and rural culture.
Children have the opportunity to touch and smell the food of the animals and with the same feed them, taste a seasonal vegetable or fruit available, become familiar with agricultural machinery and tractors.
The goal is to give children the opportunity to come into direct contact with the farm animals, to understand their history and their life cycle and to develop creativity using materials that are offered by nature.
The Valticino farmhouse also offers a bicycle rental service with the aim of discovering the territory, along itineraries on cycle paths and on main and secondary roads.

Pet-friendly services

Our facility is equipped to welcome your 4-legged friends. Here is everything we can offer you to make your stay even more enjoyable.

Access to the dining room, relaxation room, patio, poolside or other indicated by the property
Free availability of bowls and towel
Indications for "dog friendly" services near the structure
Information on a veterinarian available 24h / 7d nearby
All breeds accepted, with any dedicated spaces or restrictions set by the structure
Availability of courtesy kit with manure collection bags and cleaning wipes
Presence of green areas of the structure or outside for a short walk

All information is provided by the structure; VCVB declines all responsibility for the services actually made available. Owners are directly responsible for their pets.

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