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Retreat you in high altitude nature, get lost in panoramas that nature offers to us, reach the huts of the province where to eat tasty recipes!

The mountain huts in province are many:

RIFUGIO DE GRANDI ADAMOLI di Enrico Finotto (mt. 997): this mountain hut is located on the Cuvignone it's a destination for cyclists, hikers and mountain lovers. It's characterised by the natural balcony which shows the Lake Maggiore and the Rosa mount. The hut offers a typical local menu.

The hut is reachable by:

- from Vararo: time: 1:30 / difference in level : 400 mt

- From S. Antonio: time: 1:10 / difference in level: 400 mt

- From  Laveno: time: 3:00 / difference in level: 800 mt

- From Cittiglio: time: 1:00 / difference in level: 750 mt

Services: beds: 9 / meal places: 50 / outdoor meal places: 50 / opening by request / shower/ GSM  cover/ hot water

Opening: usually open from may to october but it's highly recommended to verified the opening at this number +39 3667012735.

Experiences around there: nearby you will find Villa della Porta Bozzolo, a seventeenth-century residence decorated with frescoes in a delightful Italian garden. We suggest you also a visit in Arcumeggia the painted mountain village. 


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RIFUGIO CAMPIGLIO of Giovanni e Veronica (mt. 1184): It's located in Pradecolo alp in Dumenza. It's reachable by foot, by bike or comfortable by car.

The hut is reachable by:

- from Varese, leave the A8 motorway to take the SS233 towards Luino, to the north, just before the end of the town, leave the SS394 and at the roundabout follow the signs for Dumenza along the SP6, pass Dumenza, Runo, Stivigliano and Due Cossani, at km 6 of the provincial road, turn right towards Pradecolo and after 7 km along a winding road you will arrive at your destination

- from Switzerland, you arrive in Lugano Sud along the A2 motorway, from which you exit following the signs for Bellinzona and Ponte Tresa; just before the Ponte Tresa customs house, turn right along the Tresa River and enter Italy at the Fornasette pass. The road becomes the provincial 6 bis. After passing Dumenza, Runo, Stivigliano and Due Cossani, turn right towards Pradecolo proceeding another 7 km to the destination.

For customers arriving in luino by train, we offer a bus service for up to 4 people each way.

Services: car park / beds

Opening: it's highly recommended to verified the opening at this number +39 3478659368

Experiences around there: city of Luino and  Borromeo Islands reachable by ferry 



RIFUGIO DUMENZA (mt. 930): It is located on the Boves' Alp. Inside, in the kitchen there are only two tables but some can be added outside in the porch. We recommend booking.

The hut is reachable by:

- from Luino: from the long lake of Luino to the north, just before the end of the town, leave the state road 394 to take the provincial road 6 on the right with which the climb towards Dumenza begins. After Dumenza, Runo, Stivigliano and Due Cossani, at km. 6 of the provincial road, at the Cinquevie junction, turn right towards Pradecolo. From here, leave the car in this location and continue on foot for about 30 minutes to the refuge (m. 975).

Services: beds: 8 / outdoor meal places: 30

Opening: it is usually open from March to December, but it is always advisable to check the opening at the following number +39 3484213797

Experiences around there: nearby you can find some of our most beautiful waterfalls

RIFUGIO FORCORA di Paolo Baratta (mt. 1179):It is located on the Passo dell Forcora and it's reachable by car from Maccagno con Pino e Veddasca

The hut is reachable by:

- from Luino: by car from the lakeside of Luino with the state road 394 towards the north you reach Maccagno. After the bridge over the Giona stream, turn right to take the provincial road 5 for Indemini. With a marvelous view of Lake Maggiore, the ascent of the Val Veddasca begins, passing various hamlets of Maccagno: Veddo, Caviggia Piantonazzo, Ronchi and Garabiolo up to Armio. Leaving the provincial road that continues towards Biegno, turn left to go up to Passo della Forcora where you will find a large parking lot. Instead of accessing on the left starting the descent towards Lake Delio and Maccagno, continue towards the white church of the Madonna della Neve beyond which, going downhill on the left you will arrive at the refuge

Services: beds: 30 / heating/ restaurant

Opening: usually always open, but it's highly recommended to check at this number +39 0332558132

Experiences around there: known as the 7 lakes land, Varese have also smaller lakes immerse in the wild nature. One of them it's surely Delio Lake not very far from Forcora



CAPANNA MERIGETTO (mt. 1500)It's located on Pola's mount in Curiglia. It's a difficult path, seen the difference in level wich is 950 mt for 3 and a half hours of walking, it get easier starting from Monteviasco. This destination offers us a gorgeous view on Maggiore Lake  

The hut is reachable by:

- the refuge of the meriggetto hut can be reached by a path that starts in Ponte di Piero. Once you have reached the mountain village of Monteviasco, follow the mule track that starts from the town center. Follow the signs for Capanna Meriggetto and climbing gently into the woods you pass a small chapel. The route is very evident and well marked. When you reach Alpe Pola keep left. Once out of the woods, resume the journey towards Capanna Meriggetto. The stretch that leads to the hut is short and panoramic.

Experiences around there: in the nearby of Curiglia there's an ancient rural village called Mulini di Piero wich definitely worth a visit

RIFUGIO MADONNA DELLA GUARDIA (mt. 1245): It's located at Alpone, a locality of Curiglia with Monteviasco. Locality Pradecolo is reachable only by car, insted Curiglia wich is reachable also by bus from Luino.

Opening: usually open from april to october but it's always recommended to check at this number +39 3386389076.

Experiences around thereMonteviasco a rural mountain village!



PENSIONE IRMA dal 1949: the hostel nowadays transformed in a local restaurant is in Belvedere street number 17, Campo dei fiori localityclose to the free parking. 

The hut is reachable by:

- from Varese city center take via Padre G. B. Aguggiari then continue along Via virgilio and then in the direction of Via Benvenuto Cellini. Then take Via Campo dei Fiori towards Via Al Belvedere until you reach the free parking area from which the various paths of the Park start. You will find the Pension on the right. The latter can also be reached with a bus of the urban line C (towards S. Monte) and a subsequent path that can be covered on foot for 51 minutes. The bus will leave you in Piazzale Pogliaghi from where you can take the path N1 which branches off to the north of the square and will take you to the Irma pension.

- from Switzerland the Irma pension can be reached by taking the A2 motorway and then following the signs for Varese / Stabio. Once you have crossed the national border, take via Cantello towards Viggiù until you take the Arcisate ring road towards Induno Olona. Then follow via Mulini Grassi, via Virgilio and finally via Campo de Fiori.

Services: bar and restaurant

Opening: opening: every day except tuesday, from 8.00 am until 11.00 pm

Experiences around there: you can explore the Sacro Monte of Varese which is one of our four UNESCO sites, where you can find the Baroffio Museum and the Lodovico Pogliaghi too

Where to stay: discover all the hotels in Varese

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