Amazing views: 4 must see in the province

Distance: different spots • Time: una giornata • Easy

From Campo dei Fiori Natural Park to the Belvedere di Azzate: there are many must see panoramas in the province. Here 4 among the most beautiful: 

  •  Forte di Orino - Campo dei Fiori: start from the Schiaparelli astronomical observatory, from where, in pretty days, you can enjoy a great view, from the closer valleys to the Milanese skyline. Take the path number 10, that will take you to the Forte di Orino: once you arrive there the view will be even more amazing. Don't forget to make a stop along the way at Punta Merigetto, also known as Punta di Mezzo, a place you won't easily forget. 


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  • Sacro Monte di VareseUNESCO heritage, one of the most known places of Varese. The landscape from there is great: a 360 degree view made of lakes, mountains, hills, valleys and villages. Everytime you go back there, looking at the horizon, you'll discover new details.
  • Belvedere di Azzate: in the higher part of the village of Azzate, from Piazza Antonio Ghiringhelli, there's an unexpected view: the panorama includes Varese lake and the surrounding green area. Find a table on the piazza, have an aperitivo and nature will do the rest. 


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What to do: a trekking tour to uncover the Campo dei Fiori regional park with an expert guide

  • “Il luogo dei quattro punti cardinali” - Taino: find the exact center of the park in Taino, where the artist Giò Pomodoro in 1991 realized a scolpture that celebrate summer solstice. Once you get there, start thinking about summer and enjoy the view. 


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Where to stay: Hotel Conca Azzurra, UnaHotels, Crystal Hotel

What to do: a guided tour of the village of Angera, a boat tour to discover Lake Maggiore and an ascent by cable car to Laveno Mombello.

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