Monte Sette Termini - Monte La Nave - Luino

Distance: 39.3 km • Time: 6 hours • Difficult

Depart from the Margorabbia Park of Luino in the direction of Grantola. Just before entering the town, turn left to go uphill to reach Bosco Valtraglia and then Castendallo. From the town, follow the indications for Sette Termini. After 4 km, continue uphill on the right until you reach the entrance to the Sette Termini refuge, then turn back. At the first hair-pin bend take the Forest Ranger track on the left to reach the summit of Monte Sette Termini. From here go downhill following the red and white markers that will bring you back to the road used to come up, passing in front of the refuge entrance. From here, take the paved road downhill for Pian della Nave, then follow the indications for the Church of San Paolo on the unpaved road. Take the dirt road that leads to the Paci pasture and then the mule track to Mount La Nave. Follow the outbound itinerary in reverse until you intersect a path on the left marked 3V. This will lead you to the Bonera locality. Continue downhill on a path that leads to Lake Bolle. You will reach Montegrino Valtraglia and then proceed toward Luino.


  • Museo Ferroviario del Verbano
  • Monte Sette Termini
  • Linea Cadorna


mountain bike itinerary

  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Distance: 39.3 km
  • Difficulty: difficult
  • Starting point: Margorabbia park in Luino
  • Arrival point: Margorabbia park in Luino
  • Parking: Margorabbia park in Luino


Path map

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