Varese, land of experiences

The path of silence

From the historic center of Viggiù begins the route that led Liliana Segre on 8th December 1943 to cross the frontier through the woods with her father and cousins.

The trail is 4 kilometres long with an altitude difference of 300 metres. From Viggiù it climbs rapidly towards the woods leading to Colle Oro in Saltrio. The route lasts 2 hours on the one-way journey and 1 hour and 45 minutes on the return.

Along the route there are columns with QR-CODEs that refer to the life senator's narration of the experience, intervals marked by evocative moments. These installations accompany the visitor as far as the Segre family's suitcases and the wooden gate that marks what was then the border between Italy and Switzerland.





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Cover photo: @antea_controvento_trekking

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