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Osservatorio Astronomico Schiaparelli

The Campo dei Fiori Astronomical Observatory stands at a height of 1230 meters on the top of the Campo dei Fiori in Varese, where the Citadel of Natural Sciences has been present for over half a century, which includes the “G. V. Schiaparelli ”, the Prealpine Geophysical Center and the“ R. Tomaselli ".

The Schiaparelli Astronomical Society, founded in 1956 by S. Furia, is animated by volunteers, boys and girls who use their free time for dissemination and scientific research purposes.

Every year thousands of visitors come to the observatory for day or night visits. It is an important international scientific center, where research on stellar spectroscopy and on the monitoring of asteroids dangerous for our planet is concentrated, an activity that places us among the most important amateur astronomical observatories in the world.

The observatory has one of the largest amateur telescopes in Italy and Europe, with an 84 cm diameter reflector.

The Prealpino Geophysical Center in Varese has also been one of the regional reference points for meteorology since the end of the 1960s, with the daily bulletin, weather-climatic survey stations, monitoring the level of lakes and rivers in our territory, as well as a seismic station connected to the INGV since 1981.



ADDRESS: Località Campo dei Fiori - Varese 

OPENING HOURS: by reservation only up to a maximum of 7 people.


- Full ticket € 3

- Reduced ticket (until 17 yo): € 2


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