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Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of Miracles

Born over 500 years ago, the Sanctuary of the Beata Vergine dei Miracoli, in Saronno, is the destination of many faithful. Today it is a European heritage.

The Sanctuary is defined as a "casket" full of art treasures. The long list of famous people who have worked in it in the past centuries significantly justifies the validity of the definition attributed to it.

The complex was built in three periods: the Renaissance part from 1498 to 1516 including the apse, the presbytery, the anti-presbytery, the dome with the lantern and the bell tower; in 1556, three bays were extended over three naves with the addition of the sacristy; finally, from 1570 to the early 1600s, two more bays were added and the facade was erected. In the same period they built the Hostaria dell’Angelo "to refresh the pilgrims, the external portico and the bell tower of the hours.

The church is a glorious hymn to Maria, to her life and to her Assumption into heaven: the great faith and wisdom of the "intelligent" Saronnese led to artistic choices of immense value, still appreciated and admired today by many pilgrims and lovers of art.




ADDRESS: Santuario, 1 - Saronno


- Weekdays: 6.30 - 12:00 / 15.30- 18.30

- Holidays: 7.30 - 12.30 / 15.30- 19.00


  • Shopping district
  • Parco del Lura
  • MILS – Museo delle Industrie e del lavoro del Saronnese

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