Varese, land of events

until 11st September 2021 | Varese and province


Varese, also called the 'County of the lakes', is famous for its numerous lakes: Lake Maggiore, Lake Varese, Lake Lugano, Lakes Ganna and Ghirla, Lake Monate and Lake Comabbio.

Until 11 September, Varese with Autolinee Varesine and the Agency for Local Public Transport of the Como, Lecco and Varese Basin, provides public transport to reach enchanting places, both from Varese city and from other areas of the province.

Here are the links:

  • Varese Lake

If you are in Varese, get on the urban bus of the N line in the direction of Calcinate del Pesce: 15 minutes from the center you will find the splendid town of Schiranna, with the possibility of long walks or even bicycle rental to travel the cycle / pedestrian path.
But other places also deserve on Lake Varese, such as Gavirate and its hamlets (in particular Voltorre, characterized by a splendid Cloister): in this case, use the extra-urban line N21 Varese-Osmate (HERE for the timetable).

  • Lakes of Ganna and Ghirla

Two small pools of water in the heart of Valganna, frozen in winter and welcoming in summer. With the extra-urban line N10 / N11 (HERE for the timetable), from Varese you can take the buses to Luino and Ponte Tresa and enjoy these two little corners of paradise.

  • Lake Maggiore

The list of places worth a visit on the Varese side of the Verbano would be endless. There is Luino, reachable from Varese with the extra-urban line N10: then from Luino you can continue up to Maccagno (line N02, HERE for the timetable), or on the contrary go down towards Caldè (line N03, HERE for the timetable).

There is the Laveno area, with places such as Cerro, Arolo, Reno, Turro and the splendid Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso reachable with our N18 line (HERE for the timetable), which starts right outside the railway station of Laveno.

Finally, there is the tranquility of Ranco and Angera, a few steps from nearby Piedmont, reached by our N20 Varese-Angera-Sesto Calende line (HERE for the timetable): but you could even consider moving to Piedmont, reaching to Arona (line N25, HERE for the timetable).

  • Lugano lake

A little Swiss, a little Como, but also a lot Varesotto: Ponte Tresa with its characteristic "Strait of Lavena" and the wide promenade is served by the N11 line (HERE for the timetable) departing every hour from Varese, but Brusimpiano (line N06, HERE for the timetable) and Porto Ceresio (line N06, but also by rail from Varese) are also worth a visit.

  • Lake of Monate

One of the smallest but most scenic of the lakes in the County of Lakes: Monate and Cadrezzate with their respective beaches are "within reach of N21" (HERE for the timetable), with the races departing every hour from Varese and directed to Osmate or Ispra JRC.

  • Comabbio Lake

Whether it is Comabbio or Corgeno, whether it is Ternate or Varano Borghi, here too there is no shortage of panoramic points and opportunities to relax. The N23 (HERE for the timetable) and N24 (HERE for the timetable) lines, departing from Varese every two hours, allow you to reach them without problems. 

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