Tenuta Cassiciacum

Via dei Castagni • 21020, Casciago


The vineyard is located in the municipality of Casciago where there is a unique microclimate guaranteed by the mitigating presence of the lakes that enhances the characteristics of the Merlot and Nebbiolo grapes grown on the estate.

It all originated from the union of two interlinked passions, one for wine and the other for the territory, and from the idea of a Varese entrepreneur, Rinaldo Ballerio, to give Casciago back its vocation as a 'wine civilisation'. His project immediately involved the whole family in the selection of appreciation as well as in the choice of vines to plant and above all in the 'rediscovery of the value of waiting'.

The entrepreneur, accustomed to the fast pace of the technological industry in which he has always worked, decided to invest in a challenge that requires first and foremost patience because the vineyard's time must be respected to obtain a good wine with a generous character.

Cassiciacum is all of this: a timeless wine born of a passion for the land and hopefully able to convey the same emotions to those who will taste it.

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    Provincia di Varese
    Consorzio Qualità Miele Varesino