Agriturismo Il Carpio

Via Carpio • 21030 Cugliate-Fabiasco VA


Il Carpio farmhouse is located in the province of Varese, a few km from the Swiss border (Ponte Tresa pass). The farm mainly deals with goat breeding, but also with poultry, rabbits, quail and geese.

The motto behind the farm is: 'One step back to move forward'. We need to review the past between rhythms and relationships between people, and then rediscover the traditions and small daily gestures that now seem lost. The goal is always to make the guest aware of what the company offers, trying to make him participate, explaining and telling everything that happens in the cottage in order to make him feel at 'home'.

The farm offers various activities.

  • Dinner of the '900: relive in first person an evening of 100 years ago in all aspects: sight, hearing, taste and smell. You will be transported to the past, where you can experience an evening like that of your grandparents or great-grandparents, both for the environments and for the ancient flavors.
  • Experience on the Cadorna Line: a pleasant walk (preceded by a theoretical lesson) of about 2 hours on the trenches in defense of the North during the First World War, which aims to enhance the historical and cultural heritage provided for in the regional regulation. The route is suitable for adults and children.
  • Visit to the Orrido di Cunardo: an underground path consisting of two underground paths of 180 and 120 meters with a single horizontal split entrance about twenty meters wide. This route is suitable for people with good agility and physical endurance.
  • Tables of Abbey: menu inspired by the simple natural recipes of the convent world, for the spring-summer period.

Pet-friendly services

Our facility is equipped to welcome your 4-legged friends. Here is everything we can offer you to make your stay even more enjoyable.

Access to the dining room, relaxation room, patio, poolside or other indicated by the property
Free availability of bowls and towel
Indications for "dog friendly" services near the structure
Information on a veterinarian available 24h / 7d nearby
All breeds accepted, with any dedicated spaces or restrictions set by the structure
Availability of courtesy kit with manure collection bags and cleaning wipes
Dog shower
Dog sitter
First aid kit
Presence of green areas of the structure or outside for a short walk

All information is provided by the structure; VCVB declines all responsibility for the services actually made available. Owners are directly responsible for their pets.

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