Associazione Viticoltori Varesini Vi.Va.

Via Porto della Torre 18 • 21010 Golasecca (Va)


The "Vini Varesini" Vi.Va. Association was founded in the autumn of 2008 with the desire to safeguard the territory and agricultural production in the Varese area.

Small and medium-sized local wineries have joined together, animated by the desire to create wines of excellence with 'ancient' and 'natural' flavours, which reflect in their organoleptic characteristics the peculiarities of the territory. To do this, they have for some years now resumed wine production from Merlot, Nebbiolo, Barbera, Shiraz, Traminer and Chardonnay grapes.

A convinced and unwavering commitment, which on 11 October 2005 obtained the IGT certification of 'Vino dei Ronchi Varesini': an important recognition of the typicality and quality of the local wine, as well as a decisive step for the development of wine production in Varese.

The 'Vini Varesini' mark that you will find on the bottles is a guarantee that the wines of the associated producers are 100% from the territory of the province of Varese from cultivation to production.


Cascina Filip - Via Cavour 33a - Travedona (VA)

Carrying on the family winemaking tradition that began in Travedona in 1868, Cascina Filip has developed a small but painstaking production of Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc and Traminer.

Cascina Piano - Via Valcastellana 33, 21021 Angera (VA)

Cascina Piano cultivates the prestigious Nebbiolo on the ancient terraces of the Angera hills, as well as other varieties such as Merlot, Barbera and Croatina, Chardonnay and Bussanello. There is also a small production of an excellent dessert muffato.

Cascina Ronchetto - Via Mugnai 52 – Morazzone (VA)

At the Cascina Ronchetto winery, state-of-the-art oenological practices are applied to produce quality wines. Cultivation is mainly focused on Merlot and Chardonnay grapes from which white, red and sparkling wines are produced.

Tenuta Tovaglieri - Via Porto della Torre 18 – Golasecca (VA)

The main activity of the Tenuta Tovagleri estate is the cultivation of vines, about 2 hectares of Nebbiolo, Barbera, Merlot, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, grapes whose combination has given life to our unique and noteworthy wines.

Cantina Torrerossa - Via Piave, 13 - Travedona-Monate (VA)

Their project to recover viticulture in Varese began in 2011 with the precise aim of enhancing and protecting the territory, a heritage to be preserved for future generations, through the cultivation of wine grapes using organic methods and biodynamic practices. In Varese, the city of lakes, in their vineyards and cellar they work historical vines such as Nebbiolo and Merlot and innovative ones such as Bronner and Solaris (PIWI vines): the latter have the characteristic of naturally resisting fungal diseases. 

Tastings are available at the Travedona-Monate location.

I DUE FILARI - Via Bravo Livio 17 - Gavirate (VA) 

On the hills of Travedona-Monate, overlooking the lake, are the vineyards of the 'I DUE FILARI' farm, founded in 2020 to share a passion for viticulture. Merlot, Traminer and Sauvignon vines are cultivated.

Ca’ dell’Orsa - Via Castagna 18, 21059 Viggiù (VA)

The Ca' dell'Orsa farm is located in Viggiù, a small village on the border with Switzerland, in the northern foothills of the Varese Alps, in the Valle della Bevera natural park. 

Their project began with agronomic research that led them to firmly believe that the Varese area, with its cool climate, is well suited to the production of grapes for sparkling wine bases. The varieties cultivated are Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc and Meunier, with which they make Metodo Classico sparkling wines. The only exception is a small vineyard of Traminer Aromatico, with which they produce a still white wine.

Studio Tovaglieri - Via delle Vignazze snc - Golasecca (VA)

Studio Tovaglieri offers its expertise for the planting of new vineyards, starting with soil analysis and following through all stages of design and implementation.


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