Sato Code

Piazza Monte Grappa • 21100 Varese


Get ready for the most exciting adventure across the city with Sato Code, the outdoor escape room. Sato Code is a game in real life, an experience without boundaries. Like in an escape room, you will search for clues, solve puzzles and test yourselves with various challenges. But with Sato Code you will not be confined to a room: the route winds through the streets of the city centre. The clues could be anywhere, in a Fresco vault , in the inscriptions of an ancient well or even between the lines of a website. The virtual and real worlds blend: you won’t know what is authentic and what is merely part of the game anymore!

As you search for clues one after another, you will reach different points of the city, from the main squares to the lesser-known alleys. The challenges become more complex with each step: you will have to consider every dimension to decipher the coded information. Go all the way, Varese will never be the same again.

You can start at any time, day or night. Just reach the starting point in Piazza Monte Grappa, open the Sato Code App and get ready for an hour full of mystery and puzzles. Did «The Da Vinci Code» thrill you? Wait until you try Sato Code!


Good to know:

  • Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Minimum 2 people, 1 smartphone per player. It's a team game where everyone receives different and complementary bits of information
  • Internet connection required on each phone (if needed, open a hotspot for players without a connection)
  • Duration: 1 hour on average, no time limit
  • Languages: Italian, English and German
    Lago Maggiore Meeting Industry
    Provincia di Varese
    Consorzio Qualità Miele Varesino