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Uncontaminated spaces, green and nature: uncover the best natural parks on our territory.

Parco Regionale del Campo dei Fiori: 6,300 hectares, 17 municipalities and 2 Comunità Montane: the largest park in the province, with trails, peaks and breathtaking views. It includes two mountains: Campo dei Fiori and Martica-Chiusarella and the headquarters are located in Brinzio.




Discover trekking and bike paths around here. 

Parco del Ticino: It extends from Lake Maggiore to the confluence with the river Po, over a total area of about 92,000 hectares, in 47 municipalities in the provinces of Varese, Milan and Pavia.

Thanks to its heritage of nature, landscape, art and history, the Ticino Valley, in 2002, has been recognized by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve. The cycle path is a path of great interest for two-wheel enthusiasts: in the land of Varese the cycle path, about 80km long, starts from Sesto Calende and winds through the typical pre-alpine scenery that embraces the Ticino valley. On the riverbed, it is not difficult to spot white herons and gray herons, egrets, mallards and coots.


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Discover trekking and bike paths around here. 

Parco Valle del Lanza: it mainly develops around the river flank of the Lanza stream, on 5 municipalities Bizzarone, Cagno, Valmorea, Rodero and Malnate, which crosses the whole park from the Swiss border to the north-east until the entry into the Olona to the south-west, cutting a narrow valley within a purely hilly territory. There are several routes and points of interest including the ancient tracks of the Valmorea railway and the Cave of Molera.



Discover trekking and bike paths around here. 

Parco della Quassa: the gulf extends from Ranco to the kilns in Ispra. It is a small protected park, which is home to several botanical and animal species, with different paths to follow, both along the shore of the lake and among the green of woods and meadows. 



Discover trekking and bike paths around here. 

Parco RTO (Rile Tenore Olona): more than 2.700 hectares of park, located in the middle part of the Valley of Olona river that also includes the Natural Monument “Gonfolite e Forre dell’Olona”. The park takes his name from the three torrents passing through it and includes 12 towns of this area, part of a project of environmental and biodiversity protection.



Discover trekking and bike paths around here. 

Parco dell'Argentera: more than 5000 square meters of park located in the town of Cadegliano Vicongao and crossed by the Dovrana torrent. The vast park contains numerous natural beauties, amon which a little lake and some mills that are perfectly preserved; the area is also crossed by a bike path. 


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Discover trekking and bike paths around here. 

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