Monte Orsa

Distance: 7 km • Time: 3 hours • Medium difficulty

A hike on Monte Orsa allows you to appreciate a natural view with numerous glimpses of Lake Lugano, as well as numerous witnesses of the famous Cadorna Line. Monte Orsa offers unforgettable and extremely interesting trekking : starting from the town of Viggiù, at a certain point the roadway becomes a path and on a bend we find a yellow sign indicating the ascent on foot to Monte Orsa (about 45 minutes). Here you can park or continue for a few meters further on, until at the edge of the road we meet a clearing near which we can see a trench belonging to the famous "Cadorna Line" and equipped with open and cave walkways, as well as several pitches for artillery. Take the road that leads to the summit of the mountain, after the visit of this fortified walkway.

From here begins the actual visit to the mountain, considering that the fortifications around the Monte Orsa are distributed in planimetry according to a triangular pattern between the altitude 827 and 970 mt. To the right of the road is the access to the first underground fortified complex.

The visit to the sub-urban fortifications is at your own risk, a part of the buildings is well preserved and safe while other areas are not safe. The utmost attention must therefore be paid.



  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Distance: 7 km
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Altitude: 500mt
  • Starting point: Viggiù
  • Arrival point: Monte Orsa
  • Parking: yes

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