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Fino a domenica 25 febbraio 2024 | Varese

Mostra Passageway dell'artista tedesco Wolfgang Laib

Dal 27 ottobre 2023 al 25 febbraio 2024Villa e Collezione Panza a Varese ospita una mostra dedicata all'artista tedesco Wolfgang Laib. La mostra è intitolata "Passageway" ed è la protagonista negli spazi delle Scuderie e delle rimesse per le Carrozze della Villa.

From October 27,2023 to February 25, 2024, Villa and Collection Panza in Varese is hosting an exhibition dedicated to German artist Wolfgang Laib. The exhibition is titled "Passageway" and is the featured in the spaces of the Villa's Stables and Carriage Houses.

Wolfgang Laib represents one of the great contemporary masters and fuses Eastern and Western cultures.

The works are created from beeswax, stone, paper, and brass, tell of a vulnerable nature to be respected, and invite us to act as part of fragile ecosystems

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