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22 January 2023–18 June 2023 | MaGa Museum - Gallarate

Andy Warhol. Serial Identity

The MA*GA Museum will inaugurate a major exhibition in January 2023 that confirms the museum's interest in great figures in the history of contemporary art: Andy Warhol. Serial Identity, exhibition curated by Emma Zanella and Maurizio Vanni, produced in collaboration with Spirale d'Idee, dedicated to one of the most important protagonists of Pop Art and contemporary world culture, painter, illustrator, sculptor, screenwriter, film and television producer , director, cinematographer and actor himself, a figure who has radically changed the way we see and perceive our world.

The over 130 works on display will bring the general public closer to understanding one of the most influential and complex personalities who worked in the second half of the 20th century and above all to grasp the continuous evolution of his identity, manifested in a city that changed its appearance and "concept" daily basis. The exhibition opens with a comparison between some generic drawings and the first highly refined advertising drawings made in the 1950s, also important from an aesthetic and awareness point of view in the advertising world.

To allow the public to experience all aspects of Warhol's creative work, the exhibition project will include the complete series of vinyl covers produced for iconic bands such as the Velvet Underground and the Rolling Stones; the most famous books that see him as an author and illustrator; a focus on the legendary Interview Magazine, founded by Warhol himself in 1969.

An exclusive section of the exhibition will be dedicated to Warhol's film and video experimentation as a director and television producer. Among the well-known Silent Movies, the complete versions of Empire and Kiss will be screened, as well as four Screen Tests starring celebrities from the world of art and music. To give the public a taste of the fashionable and camp aesthetics of Warhol's universe, the complete series of episodes of the television show Andy Warhol Fifteen Minutes (1985-87) and excerpts from the famous Saturday Night Live in which the 'artist appears. All film and television production was on loan from the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh.

The exhibition will see the development of a special project at the space called Porta di Milano at Milan Malpensa Airport - Terminal 1 in collaboration with SEA, the main partner of the exhibition, with a spectacular installation and a compilation of the most engaging extracts from the Andy Warhol's show TV (1980-83)

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