In the center of the valleys, at the foot of the Pre-Alps, on the borders of the larger cities, there is good cuisine, made of products born in the Varese area. From the peasant tradition combined with the dedication and passion for the territory, some dishes and typical products rich in history and tradition but above all, rich in taste have been handed down over the years!

  • Amaretti of Saronno: born in 1718 as a gift for the then Cardinal of Milan on a visit to the Sanctuary of the Beata Vergine di Saronno, today they are known and loved all over the world
  • Bruscitt of Busto Arsizio: typical winter recipe served with a side of polenta, the true recipe of the "briciole" Bustocche is still preserved today by the Magisterium of the Bruscitti of Busto Grande
  • Dolce di San Tito of Casorate Sempione: the recipe for the dessert based on figs, walnuts and hazelnuts is known only to very few families from Casorate, it is a classic of tradition. We advise you to try it at Osteria della Pista


  • Asparagi bianchi of Cantello: culinary symbol of the village on the border with Switzerland, they belong to the Argenteuil Precoce variety, have a white or silver-pink tip and are harvested from March 30 to May 30. You can find them in season on the menus of the Da Venanzio Restaurant
  • Birra Poretti: you can taste the historic Induno Olona beer that made Varese famous at the end of the 1800s directly in the ancient factory, after a visit to the Art Nouveau building, once dedicated to production, or from Spitz. Find more craft beers at local breweries including Unibirra and Donegal Pub
  • Dolce Varese: reinterpretation of Amor Polenta, the dessert that represents the city of Varese perfectly accompanies a tea in the winter season. The recipe is still preserved by the Zamberletti family. Try it also in the Borgo di Mustonate, at the Tana d'Orso restaurant or in the city center at the Bologna restaurant


  • Peaches of Monate: near Lake Monate we find Monate peaches, strictly white and with compact pulp, harvested and packaged on the same day for storage in water and sugar without preservatives and without dyes. You can taste them in the nearby Corner08 restaurant
  • Formaggella of Luinese: pride of local dairies is the Formaggella del luinese D.O.P., a soft-paste product based on goat's milk that you can taste in the restaurants of the area proposed in many recipes
  • Miele Varesino D.O.P.: also known as the Gold of the Prealps, with a straw yellow color, characterized by a very sweet flavor with a slight aroma of sugared almonds and vanilla. Officially recognized with the D.O.P. in 2014
  • Brutti e Buoni of Gavirate: hazelnut-based sweets whose ancient recipe was created in 1878 by Costantino Veniani in Gavirate, on the shores of Lake Varese 


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