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Via Francisca del Lucomagno

Via Francisca del Lucomagno covers important stages and monastic settlements that were fundamental for European medieval history. The route is replete with historic and religious relics and, in ancient times, allowed pilgrims and emperors to reach Rome.

Via Francisca starts from Lake Constance and arrives to Pavia; in Pavia the Via Francisca meets the Famous Via Francigena which takes to Rome. 

The distance of the trak is 510 KM and 62 KM are in Province of Varese, open all year long. There are six stages in the province of Varese: 

  • Stage 1 | Lavena Ponte Tresa - Badia di San Gemolo in Valganna

Distance: km 14.3 - Duration: 3.30 h.

The starting point is the border station in Lavena Ponte Tresa: the path follows the tracks of the old tramway, which used to connect Varese to Ponte Tresa. Along the way there are many beautiful art noveau architectures: the old tram stations. The route continues to the old forge, the Maglio, and Lake Ghirla, a picturesque oasis, and arrives in Badia di Ganna. 



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  • Stage 2 | Ganna - Varese (Sacro Monte)

Distance: km 11.50 - Duration 3.00 h.

This stage starts from the woods of Campo dei Fiori Regional Park and ends on top of the Sacro Monte of Varese. Along the path, once past the last chapel, you will face a climb to the Sanctuary and the hamlet of Santa Maria del Monte, where you will be welcomed by an enormous statue of Moses



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  • Stage 3 | Varese - Castiglione Olona

Distance: km 21.35 - Duration: 5.00 h.

The track starts from Sacro Monte and arrives to Varese, where you can admire the beauties of the old town. The route continues down to the Lake of Varese, Gazzada, Schianno, Morazzone and Castiglione Olona. Castiglione Olona is also known as the "city of Tuscany in Lombardia", in the old borgo is possible to visit Palazzo Branda Castiglioni, the Collegiata and the Baptistery. 



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  • Stage 4 | Castiglione Olona - Cairate

Distance: km 8,80 - Duration: 2.30 h. 

After few kilometers you will reach Torba Abbey, property of Fondo Ambiente Italiano and Castrum of Castelseprio, UNESCO site. Later the path goes along the cycle path of Valle Olona. 


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  • Stage 5 | Cairate - Castellanza

Distance: km 10 - Duration: 3.00 h.

The stage starts from Cairate, where the Santa Maria Assunta Abbey worths a visit, and goes on to Castellanza, one of the last villages in the province of Varese. 


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  • Stage 6 | Castellanza - Castelletto di Cuggiono

​​​​​​​Distance: km 20,80 - Duration: 5.30 h 

From Castellanza the path goes on through the Alto Milanese Park and arrives at Castelletto di Cuggiono and continues toward Pavia, where the Via Francisca meets the famous Via Francigena, that leads to Rome. 


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Discover trekking and bike paths around here. 

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