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The Borromean Islands: Isola Bella, Isola dei Pescatori and Isola Madre

A trip around the Borromean Gulf never fails to leave visitors speechless! Isola Bella is a place of surprising splendour with flower gardens in continuous bloom and priceless architectural treasures all beautifully integrated within the island’s very own microcosm. Transformed from a bleak rock into a spectacular garden bursting with flowers, the island now gives the impression of a galleon floating on the blue waters of Lake Maggiore, just as its founder Vitaliano VI Borromeo intended all those years ago. Visiting Isola Bella takes you back to a bygone age when the baroque style was masterfully designed to complement the green architecture of the garden, creating beauty beyond compare.

Isola Madre is an exquisite jewel set in the calm waters of Lake Maggiore. Renowned worldwide for its exceptional botanical collections, it is the largest island on Lake Maggiore. It rises from the lake with luxuriant aplomb, its silhouette accentuated by the lush vegetation that covers most of the island and by the impressive angular palace built on the southern, and highest, side of the island.

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