Culinary tour through the lakes

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This article is dedicated to food lovers: we have created a culinary tour through the valleys and lake villages around Varese. From fish from the lake to local DOP cheese, such as Formaggella del Luinese, to traditional sweets, Brutti e Buoni and Pesche di Monate: here it is a tour through traditional dishes and products!

The area around Varese is also known as "the land of the lakes": there are more than 7 freshwater basins besides Lake Maggiore. The tour starts right there, from the Luinese Valley, situated in the north of the province. Here the food star is the Formaggella del Luinese DOP, local dairies' pride, soft goat cheese. 

Taste it in a local agriturismo or in a valley's hut with honey, jam or as in a risotto. 


Credits: @gabriellalarghi

Going south along the lake shore you meet different lake villages, from Laveno to Ranco. It's easy to smell the aroma of fried Lavarello and Persico, freshwater fishes you can also tase in the "in carpione" edition. 

 The freshwater fish has a delicate flavor, you can taste it in different restaurants in the area, such as Ristorante Conca Azzurra in Ranco or in the summer fests. 

Which wine you should match? If you are a wine lover the next stop is a must: the medieval hamlet of Angera is a wine-growing area, with many wineyards. Here is produced a good white wine, protected under the brand name of origin I.G.T. Ronchi Varesini, perfect with a fishlake menu. 

We suggest to wine lovers to stop here for the afternoon for a tasting or a visit in a wine cellar


Credits: @marcotamby and @simonefraietta

Last but not least the next two stops feature products from other lakes: the pesche di Monate, a true excellence of the territory, frequently served with gelato or Brutti e Buoni of Gavirate, small town situated on the shore of Lake Varese. 

You can find pesche di Monate directly from the local farmers or listed in the menu of many traditional restaurants or at Corner08 in Monate, while Brutti e Buoni in local bakeries: the legend tells that Signor Veniani from gavirate created the original recipe. 

Last but not least, we suggest to the ones who love fish to drive to Laghetto Fonteviva, a small reservoir with a nice Chalet Restaurant on a side. Buon appetito!  


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