The Garden Town and its Sacro Monte (green and culture)

Distance: 18 km by car • Time: 1 day • Easy

Varese is also known as the Garden Town, because it is surrounded by green and nature and because there are a lot of super green parks in town. If you are passing by, and you have just one day to spend here, there are three places immersed in green that you cannot miss: Sacro Monte, the old townPalazzo and its Giardini Estensi and Lago di Varese

  • Spend the morning discovering the main Unesco World Heritage of our land: the Sacro Monte. You can easily walk to the top of the mountain, passing by the 14 chapels, till you reach the old hamlet of santa Maria del Monte, where the atmosphere and the view are something you won't easily forget. If you don't want to walk, you can go up by the old funicular that departs from Piazzale Montanari and directly takes you to the top.


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  • Lose yourself between the tiny streets framed by historical buildings and old shops and visit one of the main two local museums: Baroffio Museum, with its panoramic terrace over the land of the lakes or the Pogliaghi House Museum, a little treasure that was the old studio of the artist and also the place where he used to collect its favorite pieces of art.  


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  • When you will be ready to leave, drive back to Varese. Reach the old town, park the car and explore the area by foot: stroll around and remember to look up, this will permit to discover the architectonical traces of the old agglomerate around which all the life of the ancient village turned. The structure of the houses included the workshop on the ground floor, under the portico for repairing against the rain, in the upper floor the house and on the side in front of Veratti road, where many years ago the Vellone torrent flew freely, gardens and little vegetable garden for familiar use. The little Podestà square with the monument to the Garibaldino has a big suggestive aspect, as well as the Pretorio and the Biumi (“Broletto”) palaces and the San Vittore Basil with the Bell Tower. At the end of the pedestrian trail there is the Sant’Antonio Cloister, built starting from 1599. Beyond it, there are some bars that, starting from the middle of the week, they animate the Varese “movida” until late night. The historical centre is the perfect place for a stop: you'll find many cafes to recharge your batteries for the next stops. 



  • Before leaving the city and going to the lake, visit Palazzo Estense, currently headquarters of the town hall. It was the summer-autumn and court of Francesco III d’Este, duce of Modena and Lord of Varese. It was realized following the schemes of the architect Bianchi in the second half of the ‘700. Noteworthy is also the “Estense Hall” with a big chimney of polychrome murmles. Behind the Palace,  Estensi Gardens develop themselves, one of the most beautiful public parks in the Italian style, built in a similar way of the Schônbrunn. (Vienna) Gardens and done in 1787.


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  • Then move to Lago di Varese. The best way to explore its shores and to visit all the surrounding points of interest is riding a bike. Lago di Varese infact is surrounded by a 28 km cycling path that allow you to see many beautiful glimpses among which the Isolino Virginia, pearl of the lake and Unesco World Heritage, that you can easily reach taking a boat from Biandronno. 



  • Every ride needs the right reward and Borgo di Mustonate is a great place to end your journey, yuo will easily feel elsewhere, more or less in the centre of the english countryside. 

Where to stay: Agriturismo dei Piaceri Campestri

What to do: a dinner at Restaurant Tana d'Orso, an aperitivo at Chiosco of Mustonate 

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