48 hours in Varese - 10 things to see and do

Distance: 10 km • Time: two days • Easy

If you are in Varese only for 48 hours and you don't want to miss the most important cult points, here is a tour featuring the ten main (unmissable) spots: 

  • On the first day start from the Isolino Virginia, UNESCO heritage, the oldest alpine pile-dwelling site.You can reach the island from Lido Schiranna. As you go back, continue your tour to the oldest monument in the city: the Chiesa di Santo Stefano, in Bizzozero.


  • If you do not want to miss the opportunity to also walk along the shores of the nearby lakes of Comabbio and Monate riding your bike, a guided tour is what you need: an expert guide will accompany you during the ride, to discover the points of interest along the coast, such as the Cloister of Voltorre, the panoramic village of Mustonate, the Sanctuary of the Madonnina del Lago and the ice houses of Cazzago Brabbia.



  • Go on and visit the historical center and Palazzo Estense, also known as the tiny Versailles. The palace is famus for its gardens in italian and french style. Walk around the park and reach the museum of Villa Mirabello, dedicated to the archeology of the territory.


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  • End your tour in Sacro Monte, walking up through a path made of 14 chapels and reach the top, where you will find an old village, a sanctuary and some museums: you cannot miss Casa Museo Pogliaghi, the old home of the artist, now a gallery of hits works and the ones he collected. 

Did you like this itinerary, but do not want to give up a bit of adrenaline? Then stay an extra day and try it on two wheels!

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What to do: a guided tour of the old town, a lunch at Ristorante Montorfano

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Cover photo: Nicoletta Sala

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