Gavirate - Orino Fort - no. 13

Distance: 4 km • Time: 3 hours • Difficult

The itinerary originates from Pozzolo.

The path N. 13 starts in front of an old wash house and continues on via Bravo Livio.

In short you reach the locality of Cà dei Monti. At about 500m, turn left and continue uphill until the crossroads, bounded by a wooden fence, with path n. 10 (Velate-Orino) and cross it. A little further on it crosses the path n. 11 (Comerio-Forte di Orino) whose path, from this point forward, corresponds in common with that of path N. 13.

The mule track continues progressively increasing its slope, reaching the 700m altitude. It is an area enclosed by walls, composed of reddish soil called "Strada Rossa". We have entered the territory of the Campo dei Fiori Nature Reserve.

The path continues easily and then becomes increasingly steep and tiring until it reaches a height of about 1000m, then deviates to the left and arrives at Prà Camaré. At this point, the final end of the Military Route is followed, which, after considering some hairpin bends, reaches the peak called Forte di Orino (1100m).


  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Distance: 4 km
  • Difficulty: difficult
  • Altitude: 800 mt.
  • Starting point: Pozzolo (Gavirate)
  • Arrival point: Orino fort
  • Parking: yes
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