Instagrammable spots and where to find them

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For all the ones looking for Instagram likes: here you will find the most instagrammable places in our province and some tips to get the perfect shot. Don't forget to share your posts and to add our hashtag #vareseturismo, to get the chance to be featured in our Instagram and Facebook galleries. 

  • Villa Panza's Greenhouse: Villa Panza doesn't need a description: it is well known all over the world for its amazing contemporary art collection. The villa is surrounded by a huge italian garden with some art works from the architect Piero Portaluppi, such as the small temple and the super instagramable greenhouse. It is a perfect subject for pictures, because of the green plants, and the glasses that create lovely lights and shadows. 

To capture the perfect shot: hide yourself in the greenhouse in the early morning or at sunset to campture the best lights and shadow games. 



  • Diga del Panperduto: a gem of industrial hydroengineering, Panperduto represents an area of great interest to make visitors aware of cultural, historical, agricultural and environmental heritage. It is a spot loved by photographers, many of them use to go there at sunset and capture colors and water waves. 

To capture the perfect shot: go in front of the dam and wait for the sunset light, that will reflect itself in the water. The show will be unique.  


@panperduto and @mauriziocaielli

  • Ville Ponti: two fairy italian villas situated on the Biumo hill, one of the simbols of Varese and one of the most photographed spots in the area. In particular Villa Andrea, the pink one, is super iconic and photogenic. 

To capture the perfect shot: walk in the huge green field in front of Villa Andrea, in front of the central window or, if you're inside, rise your head in the big salone to shot the frescos and use a vintage filter! 


@moniquecharlotte and @elenacassella_

  • Castiglione OlonaCastiglione Olona, known also as "the Tuscany village in Lombardia" has a long story. We suggest to stroll along the alleys and find the best photo spots. 

To capture the perfect shot: go up to the castle of Monteruzzo, from there you can enjoy a beautiful view of the borgo and the Collegiata. 


@elejour and @amadori_stefano

  • Borgo di Mustonate: the borgo is the ideal place to live the italian countryside, you'll feel out of times walking around the Emporio, the tiny church and the typical houses. 

To capture the perfect shot: wait for the sunset and frame the fence and the gazebo: the athmosphere will be bucolic. 


@andre_malac and @isideeee

  • The tiny Piazza of Tornavento: the most famous area of Tornavento is the tiny piazza, with its lookout over the Ticino Valley and the Alps.

To capture the perfect shot: make a stroll in the ealry morning aroun the tiny piazza, or wait for the sunset to find the right place to capture the view, during the clearest days the Alps seem super close. 


@screlena and @saraalushi

  • Villa della Porta Bozzolo: Built in the sixteenth century as a country residence, Villa della Porta Bozzolo later became a country seat for the aristocracy. The interiors and the surrounding gardens are amazing. 

To capture the perfect shot: go upstairs and find the rococo hall, find out and shot all its artistic details.  


@lucionsandrapanda and @quasichiara

  • Rocca di Angera: Angera’s Borromeo Castle towers majestically over the southern shores of Lake Maggiore from a spur of chalky cliffs. From the castle's windows there's an amazing view. 

To capture the perfect shot: choose one of the tower's windows and shot the view, with the medieval garden, the lake and the village of Angera.  


@georgelucky1973 and @asiatassone

  • Lake piers: pictures from the piers are always evocative: there are many piers along the shores of the seven lakes of the province. Don't miss the stone pier under the old klins in Ispra, the pier of Bodio, the one of Corgeno, Lake Comabbio, the pier of Caldè, Castelveccana and one of the docks of Laveno Mombello.

To capture the perfect shot: go up the pier and frame the lake in front of view in a central perspective, you can add a person walking on the pier, or, if you have a drone, you can shot the dock from the sky, capturing all the shadows of the water. 


@kurolost e @mirkocostantiniphotography

  • The village of Santa Maria del Monte: the village situated on top of Sacro Monte is a pearl of our land, it's a pleasure to stroll around the narrow streets, the old houses, the chapels and the museums. 

To capture the perfect shot: find the most typical and tiny alley, every picture will be unique.  


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