Incredible lake view and where to find them

Distance: different spots • Time: two days • Easy

Varese. the land of the lakes offers many places to enjoy amazing panoramas: here you can find the most beautiful on the lakes. 

  • Portro Ceresio - Lake Lugano  - from here you can see the town of Lugano with the Alps in the background. Porto Ceresio offers a walkable lakeside that passes by some beautiful old italian villas. 

  • Giro del Sole - Agra - it is a very easy path: in a little time you'll reach two beautiful natural terraces overlooking Lake Maggiore, named Belvedere Zucoli e Belvedere Mandelli.


  • Chiesa di Santa Veronica - Castelveccana - a fantastic view of the lake: you can reach it using two different paths, the first one starts from the parking of via Monfalcone in Caldè, the other one starts from località Castello in Castelveccana, you need to walk along via G. Mazzini and take a pedestrian way that will take you to the church.  

  • Sasso del Ferro - Laveno: this mount offers a wide view of lake Maggiore and, for the adventurous ones a takeoff spot for handgliders and paragliders. Two ways to reach it: you can walk up there or take the cableway. If you are visiting Laveno you cannot miss this place! 


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  • Eremo di Santa Caterina del Sasso - Leggiuno - an old monastery clinging to a sheer rock overhanging one of the deepest parts of Lake Maggiore. You can reach it walking or from the lake itself, with a boat or the ferry. It is one of the most fascinating places on the lake, because of its story, the beauty of the place and the view of corse. 

  •  Rocca Borromeo di AngeraAngera’s Borromeo Castle towers majestically  over the southern shores of Lake Maggiore from a spur of chalky cliffs, it is home to the Doll and Toy Museum, the most notable of its kind in Europe. From the famous terrace the panorama in super photogenic and unmissable. 


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Where to stay: Relais Villa Porta, Botel Diffuso dei laghi 

What to do: a guided tour of the village of Angera, a boat tour to discover Lake Maggiore

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