Brezzo di Bedero

Distance: 19 km • Time: 1 hour and a half • Medium difficulty

A panoramic route leading from Porto Valtravaglia, offering the best views over the lake and mountains in a leisurely cycle along the Via Mediavalle.

Our departure is a lovely promenade, shaded by wide trees, inviting us to enjoy the tranquility of the area and the love for the environment displayed by local residents. We keep the lake to our right and take the SP69 main road in the direction of Laveno.

A soft but steady climb directs us out of the village and towards the hills beyond. After a few curves we can leave the main road to take the Via Mediavalle street leading to Germignaga. And here they are, one after the other: Sarigo, Ligurno, Muceno, Musadino, each village is a place of its own, celebrating and renewing its distinctive traditions during the yearly village festival. About 7 or 8 kilometers after our departure, we begin to notice the profiles of the fortress of Brezzo di Bedero and of the ancient Collegiate church of San Vittore, one of the most beautiful Romanesque edifices in the Province. Once we have reached Brezzo di Bedero, the waters of the lake open in a wide. A quick climb leads us away from the busy main road. After a few hundred meters we will be rewarded with the fabulous view of the Collegiate church of San Vittore, elegantly poised above a green plain, mostly isolated from nearby buildings. Having visited the Church, we take the street behind it and are granted the respite of a short downhill track. Returning to the main road in the vicinity of the Belvedere, we must tackle the short climb once more to gain the prize of a quick descent towards Germignaga, to be taken with great care. In the village, we can decide to take a short break in the new town center square.

From here on, we will make our way back to Porto Valtravaglia along the easy, panoramic SP69 road, sometimes directly on the lakeside, breathing in its damp, watery smells. 


  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Distance: 19 km
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Starting and arrival point: Porto Valtravaglia


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