The Valtravaglia Tour

Distance: 34 km • Time: 3 hours • Easy

Luino – Germignaga – Porto Valtravaglia – Brezzo di Bedero – Mesenzana – Grantola - Montegrino - Luino

This short (34 km / 21.1 miles) route delivers some demanding climbs and is a wonderful way to see the Valtravaglia valley between Lake Maggiore and the hinterland around Luino. Cross the bridge over the River Tresa, which converges here with the River Margorabbia, and after following the road along Lake Maggiore from Germignaga to Porto Valtravaglia the road climbs up through the hamlets of Nasca, Muceno and Ticinallo until you reach Bedero and its impressive collegiate church. Turn right onto the road for Roggiano; here the road gradually becomes more challenging as it twists and turns its way to the top. A view over the Valtravaglia valley appears on your left as soon as the descent down to Roggiano begins and you can clearly see the villages of Bosco and Montegrino Valtravaglia on the opposite slope. After you take the turning for Brissago there is a short cobbled climb before the road descends again to Mesenzana where you join the main road in the bottom of the valley. To climb the other slope of the valley follow the directions for Grantola; turn left just before you reach the village. The road steadily climbs and then has a few steeper sections before getting to the villages of Bosco and Montegrino. After the village of Montegrino follow the road in the direction of Luino, where you will find the Church of San Martino on the rocky headland to your left. The area in front of the church offers a fantastic view over the Valtravaglia valley.


  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Distance: 34 km
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Starting and arrival point: Luino
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