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Friday, May 17 to Sunday, May 19, 2024 | Varese


From Friday, May 17 to Sunday, May 19, 2024, the "NORD IN GIALLO" festival returns, Mystery fiction is characterized by its ability to explore and scrutinize the metamorphoses, inconsistencies and questions of our time. The third edition of the festival again aims to provide audiences with the opportunity to immerse themselves in various modes of storytelling focused on the North Country. This will be made possible through meetings with authors and their literary works, a special staging of Piero Chiara's most yellow novel and the screening of an Italian film noir by director Carlo Mazzacurati, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of his death.

Admission is free. 

All events will be held at both the indoor and outdoor venues of Palazzina Della Cultura, Varese.

Friday, May 17 

Giallo Junior with Lucia Stipari

5:00 pm. 

Meeting with authors

Meeting with Alessandro Berselli, Humorist, writer, teacher of storytelling techniques, his latest novel is Gli eversivi (Nero Rizzoli, 2023)

6 pm. 

Meeting with Stefano Cosmo, He was part of the Sabot Collective, directed by Massimo Carlotto. He is among the authors of Padre nostro (Rizzoli 2014) and has written several short stories published by local and national newspapers.

6:45 pm.

Meeting with Pietro Colaprico, mystery writer and special correspondent of "Repubblica," for which he follows numerous stories of crime and corruption (he is the "inventor" of the term Tangentopoli), Among his fiction titles are Kriminalbar (Garzanti,1998), dedicated to the lifestyles of the penultimate generation of the Italian underworld; Trilogia della città di M. (il Saggiatore, 2004, Scerbanenco prize) and La donna del campione (Rizzoli, 2008).

7:30 pm.

The Mistery Narration Game with Crazy Comics & Games, Shop for Comics, Manga, Graphic Novels and Board and Role-playing Games located in Varese.

8 pm.

To 10:00 p.m.

Saturday, June 10

Giallo Junior with Lucia Vaccarino, writer, screenwriter and executive producer. She is particularly known for her fascinating novels aimed at children. In 2013, she broke into the publishing world with an impressive series of children's books entitled "Me, Mum & Mystery," published to great acclaim by Fabbri Editori.

4 pm. 

Meeting with authors

Meeting with Paolo Roversi emerges as a leading figure in the Italian literary scene, recognized especially in the context of metropolitan noir. His bibliography includes six novels aimed at adult audiences, characterized by the presence of the hacker journalist Enrico Radeschi as the protagonist. 

5 pm. 

Meeting with Laura Veroni, In 2013 she won the best women's writing award at the GialloStresa literary prize and the Christmas Postcards contest held by Meme Publisher. She has published the novels "I Delitti di Varese," "Varese non avere paura," "Concerto di morte," "Il fantasma di Giada" (Fratelli Frilli Editori), "Il ruolo" (Autodafé Edizioni), "Thanatos," and "I ricordi di Lalla" and "Volevo solo essere felice."

5:45 p.m.

Meet Maurizio Blini, is an author and former State Police investigator. After retiring, he worked in intelligence and security consulting. He also taught crime and detective literature at the University of the Third Age in Turin. Among his milgior works are "Giulia e altre storie" - Ennepilibri Editore (2007), "Il purificatore" - A&B editrice (2011), "Figli di Vanni" (with Gianni Fontana), Golem Edizioni (2015), "La ragazza di Lucento" - Fratelli Frilli Editori (2018 "La strategia del coniglio" - Fratelli Frilli Editori (2019)

6:30 pm

The mistery narration in Theater Night Greetings from the Cisa Pass theatrical reading of the novel by Piero Chiara

9 pm. 

Sunday, May 19

Meeting with authors

Meeting with Ben Pastor Italian-American writer, has created an impressive literary work spanning historical novels and thrillers. Her most important works include the novels of the Martin Bora soldier-detective cycle, such as "Lumen" and "The Knight's Song." He received the International Golden Saturn Award in 2006. His talent is internationally recognized, with his works translated in numerous countries. Most recently, in 2023, he published "The Window on the Rooftops and Other Tales with Martin Bora."

5 pm.

Meeting with Gian Andrea Cerone, a Milanese writer originally from Savona, has experience in publishing and communication. He founded Storielibere, a podcast platform, and made his debut in fiction with a thriller series following the investigations of Milan's Violent Crime Analysis Unit. His novels include "Sleepless Nights" (2022), "The Silent Treatment" (2023) and "The Consequences of Evil" (2024).

5:30 pm

Meeting with Giovanna Franco Repellini, an architect from Milan, she has distinguished herself in the restoration of historic residences. In addition to her professional work, she has written several books on architecture and urban space, exploring the link between form, meaning and emotions. Among her best-known works are "A House Is Not a Cup" (Franco Angeli, 1995) and "On the Streets of the City" (Franco Angeli, 2003). In 2013 he published "Antonio Barluzzi architetto in Terrasanta" (Terrasanta, Milan), dedicated to the architect's work in the Holy Land.

6 pm.

Meeting with Piergiorgio Pulixi, member of the Sabot collective led by Massimo Carlotto, contributed to the publication of "Perdas de fogu" (E/O Editions, 2008). Later, he wrote "Un amore sporco" as part of the noir triptych "Donne a perdere" (E/O Editions, 2010). He is best known for his detective series with the protagonist Biagio Mazzeo, consisting of "Una brutta storia" (E/O Editions, 2012), "La notte delle panthers" (E/O Editions, 2014) and "Per sempre" (E/O Editions, 2015). He also published for Rizzoli in 2014, but details are not specified.

6:30 pm.

The mistery narration at the cinema - Notte Italiana by Carlo Mazzacurati

9:00 pm. 



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