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From Saturday 15th October to Friday 23rd December 2022 | Angera


From Saturday 15th of October  to Friday 23rd of December  the Soara in Angera, (old Magnesia factory) offers a series of immersive exhibitions with free admission.

A tactile-visual journey to discover sculptures, mosaics, granite paintings and iron works, curated by artists D. Latorre , M. Craizar, E. Fraschetti and F.

The schedule of  exhibitions following: 

  • Damiano Latorre "Viaggio tattile e visivo tra le sculture di ulivo"  from 15th of October to 23rd of December 2022 

The discovery of touch and its ability to experience sensations not perceptible to the eye leads the artist to spur visitors to share this sensory experience by inviting them to caress the sculptures and read them with their hands.

  • Marina Craizar  "Mosaici e Pastelli"  from 15th to 30th of October 2022

Mosaics allow the artist to put forward the most authentic and profound creative emotions with great freedom of expression. In his paintings he manages to capture and transfer the atmosphere of the places he depicts.

  • Enrico Fraschetti  "Quadri in granito" from 12th to 27th of November  2022

Being fond of the gigantic and wonderful work executed by the "Cosmati Masters", the artist repurposes the Cosmatesque in small dimensions. He thus gives life to beautiful table tops, frames, figurative designs with interpretations of paintings by famous painters such as Leonardo, Picasso, Matisse, Klimt and many others. The artist's goal is to demonstrate that opus sectile can once again become a viable technique to allow an artist to express himself or herself through the colors, texture and grain of natural stone. A new art form could be born from it: the Opus Nova.

  • Fabio Menotti (Dodo)  "Opere in ferro"  from 8th to 23rd of December 2022

"The concept of art a craftsman lives it in the everyday in the solutions he proposes to the customer. That's why we say a job is done in a workmanlike manner."

Opening hours of exhibitions are: 

9.30/12.30 15.30/20.00

15th of October 2022 at 10.30 Vernissage di  Marina Craizar e Damiano Latorre.  

12th of November at 10.30 Vernissage di Enrico Fraschetti. 

8th of December at 10.30 Vernissage di Fabio Menotti (Dodo).

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