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From Saturday 10th December 2022 to Monday 10th April 2023 | Maccagno con Pino e Veddasca

The treasure of Imperial Maccagno

From Saturday 10th December 2022 to Monday 10th April 2023, at the Civico Museo Parisi-Valle of Maccagno con Pino e Veddasca,  the exhibition "The treasure of Imperial Maccagno" will be staged to celebrate the compelling history of the Imperial Fiefdom of Maccagno Inferiore through a twofold homage: on the one hand to its heritage of high art and faith, and on the other to the famous Imperial Zecca whose 400th anniversary falls.

Coins minted in the village of Maccagno will be on display, accompanied by documents, some previously unpublished, on the village's illustrious history, from public, private and ecclesiastical collections.

This will be followed by a roundup of images, including old photos and precious paintings never before presented to the public, such as The Lake Maggiore from Maccagno Inferiore of 1867 by Carlo Bossoli, for a description of the urban characteristics of the village, with its medieval imprint.

The introductory section, dedicated to the heritage of art and faith in Maccagno Inferiore, is based on the presentation of the restoration of a precious altarpiece from the parish church of S. Stefano, of which no trace had been found.

Finally, on display is a large painting of the Immaculate Conception dated 1729 by Pietro Antonio Magatti brought to light during the Census of Ecclesiastical Cultural Assets of the Maccagno parishes. Visits to the exhibition are free of charge.


Friday: 14.30-18.30

Saturday - Sunday: 10.00-12.00/ 14.30-18.30.

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