Varese, land of events

Saturday 16 e Sunday 17 October | Varese

Giornate FAI d'autunno

A unique opportunity to listen to the stories of the architecture and traditions of a valley on the border of Varese, opening the doors of places often closed to the public, entering churches and walking through the streets of historic centers in search of unexpected views together with FAI volunteers .

Here are the open places in the province of Varese:

  • Church of Sant'Eusebio in Casciago: place usually closed to the public, the church is open only on request; possibility to visit the internal and external environments of the milenary church;
  • Villa Castelbarco Albani and its garden in Casciago: possibility to visit the villa and its prestigious garden;
  • Villa Della Porta Bozzolo in Casalzuigno: free visit to the Villa and the Garden;
  • Church of San Pietro a Gemonio: place usually closed to the public; the visit of the church offers the opportunity to know the architectural and artistic evolution of the religious building;
  • Floriano Bodini Civic Museum in Gemonio: the visit starts from the courtyard and winds through all the rooms of the museum, rich in works by Bodini, but also by numerous other artists;
  • Torba Abbey in Gornate Olona: the days include a visit to the monastery, a walk in the naturi in Valle Olona and a concrete commitment to biodiversity;
  • Palazzo Crivelli Serbelloni in Luino: the opening will wind between the exterior of the palace and its noble floor;
  • Casa Macchi in Morazzone: guided tour of the nineteenth-century residence and the garden;
  • Agusta Museum in Samarate: the visit to the museum aims to show and touch the helicopters, but also the technology of the rotary wing, the construction techniques, the aeronautical materials;
  • Torre di Velate in Velate: visitors will have the opportunity to visit the Tower, in a path to discover its history, construction techniques and those of the current consolidation;
  • Villa and Panza Collection in Varese: the Villa, the park and the permanent collection will be visited by booking;
  • Ancient wood-burning oven in Vergiate: the oven is the most vivid testimony of this past life;
  • Church of San Gallo in Vergiate: the Romanesque structure of the small country church is an archaeological site of the Roman period;
  • Kapannone dei libri in Angera: from the visit you want to discover, in all the details, a magical environment that goes beyond simple reading, opening up to the concept of love for books;
  • Deconsecrated Church of San Giovanni a Casciago: visit to the external and internal areas of the church and to the recent archaeological excavations, retracing the history of the eighteenth / nineteenth century;
  • From water to water - from the Church of SS. Agostino and Monica at the source of Sant'Agostino by Floriano Bodini in Casciago;
  • Walk to the Devil's Bridge in the company of the Civil Protection in Casciago: walk along the path that will lead to the entrance to the Grotto, where you can relax your mind;
  • Ancient insertions in Grantola: the proposed route offers the opportunity to visit various monuments unknown to most, which are part of the historical evolution of the town;
  • Church of San Materno in Vergiate: visit to the church which was one of the main elements of the daily life of the inhabitants;
  • Church of Santa Maria in Vergiate: the visit of the small church offers an example of how even inhabited centers preserve the testimonies of a past worthy of knowledge and conservation.

Online booking is recommended, places are limited.

How to participate in the event will be available on the website of  Fondo Ambiente Italiano.



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