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From 25 May to 28 September 2024 | Provincia di Varese

4 walks in the 'Plis'


The Municipality of Varese has launched the second edition of 'Walks in the Plis', a programme of initiatives aimed at raising awareness of the city's parks of supra-municipal interest. The activities, illustrated on 22 May 2024 on the occasion of World Biodiversity Day, will focus mainly on the Varese South Green Belt Park, a protected area of 715 hectares.

This edition, characterised by co-design and inclusiveness, is the result of the collaboration between the Municipality of Varese, Ats Insubria, the Associazione Nazionale Carabinieri Sezione di Varese and the Cai Sezione di Varese. The walks are for various associations, including Andos Varese, Varese Alzheimer's, Di.Va. - Varese Diabetic Association and the Renato Piatti Foundation. The routes are designed to be fully accessible to people with different motor, sensory or cognitive abilities.

The programme of walks includes four appointments

  • 25 May at Zanzi Park for members of the Varese Alzheimer's Association.
  • 10 June at the Parco Cintura Verde Sud for Andos members.
  • 14 September at the Parco Cintura Verde Sud for members of Di.Va.
  • 28 September for members of the Piatti Foundation.


The initiative, not open to the public but aimed at associations and their members, aims to promote socialisation and wellbeing through physical activity and enjoyment of nature. The project will conclude in the autumn with a conference on the results obtained.

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