Cascina Piano

Via Valcastellana • 21021 Angera (VA)


Located on the renowned shores of Lombardy's Lake Maggiore in the municipality of Angera, Cascina Piano is today a recognised benchmark for the quality of its 'Ronchi Varesini IGT' wines.

Founded in 2003, Cascina Piano has from the outset based its mission on quality, experimentation and a deep connection with the 'Ronchi Varesini' and 'Lake Maggiore' territory.

The quality ambitiously pursued by the company is a synthesis of territory, research, innovation and development. The standards are regulated by the "Ronchi Varesini IGT" with a continuous drive towards improvement to guarantee an ever higher product level. 

Cascina piano chooses the valorisation of autochthonous vines, with particular attention to Nebbiolo, reproduces partly abandoned varieties and pursues the selection of new varieties to be included in the IGT.

The design of the labels inspired by local frescoes, the names of the wines refer to local history and toponymy, and the dialectal sayings and nursery rhymes on the bottles tell of local historical and artistic values.

    Lago Maggiore Meeting Industry
    Provincia di Varese
    Consorzio Qualità Miele Varesino