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Controvento Trekking is a passionate group of 3 professional Trekking Guide who operate in the Varese area. Antea Franceschin, Paolo Fumagalli and Milena Fornara are experts in leading excursions both in the Varese Prealps and in other breathtaking scenery of the region.

The group stands out for its dedication to promoting outdoor activity, offering day and multi-day hiking experiences to individuals and groups, fun and educational walks for all experience levels. The guides are committed to sharing their knowledge of the local flora, fauna and geology, thus enriching each participant's experience.

Controvento Trekking offers a unique team building experience through its hiking activities. Guides are able to create an engaging and stimulating environment where participants can join, collaborate and overcome challenges together. The excursions offer the opportunity to explore the nature of the province of Varese and its surroundings, to develop mutual trust, effective communication and team spirit. Through practical and fun activities, such as orientation, group games and problem-solving activities, participants learn to work together, adapt to situations and achieve common goals.

Details of offers

Controvento Trekking in Varese offers a wide range of excursions and outdoor experiences for trekking enthusiasts of all experience levels.

Three Environmental Hiking Guides regularly registered with the Italian Association of Environmental Hiking Guides (AIGAE) are available. The guides are insured as required by law with third-party liability insurance. Each GAE Guide can operate throughout the national, European and international territory and attends several refresher and in-depth courses each year.

Some of the group's main offers include:

  • Guided daily excursions (half-day or full-day): Controvento Trekking organises guided excursions in different areas of the province of Varese and nearby. These excursions offer the opportunity to explore breathtaking views, scenic trails and places of historical and cultural interest.
  • Multi-day treks: For a unique group experience.
  • Courses and special events: Controvento Trekking also offers courses and special events dedicated to hiking, mountain safety, nature topics in the area, orienteering and more. These activities provide the opportunity to acquire new skills and knowledge while enjoying the outdoors.
  • Team building: The group organises tailor-made team building activities for companies, groups and organisations. These activities are designed to promote collaboration, effective communication and team spirit through adventure and exploration in nature.

The team at Controvento Trekking is committed to providing safe, fun and educational experiences for all participants. Their passion for the natural environment and hiking is reflected in their attention to detail and commitment to creating unforgettable experiences for each participant.

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